Burnout of emigrants is a big challenge for employers | News

  • Cygna 360 Global Well-Being Survey of 11,922 people worldwide shows stress abroad is at its highest ever and almost all respondents experience burnout symptoms
  • For those planning to move abroad, lifestyle is now more important than finances; a quarter of a move plan for better healthcare
  • Canada is the most popular destination for expats, followed by Australia and United States

HONG KONG, June 24, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The vast majority of expats are burned out, stressed and reevaluating their life and career priorities to be more flexible or closer to family and friends, according to a report based on the eighth edition of the Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey.


Report published todayBurned out abroad – the state of life of emigrants 2022states that 90% of expats are stressed and 98% have experienced burnout symptoms, possibly caused by an inability to shut down from work. Expatriates experience an overwhelming sense of isolation: 87% say they feel helpless, trapped or defeated, and 86% feel distant or lonely. More than a third (38%) are also concerned or unsure of their financial situation. A combination of lifestyle, opportunities and work culture contributes to these outcomes. The survey found that 73% of current immigrants and 75% of those planning to travel abroad in the next two years have spent more time reassessing their life priorities since the pandemic. For those planning to move abroad, lifestyle has replaced finances as the top priority.

Jason Sadler, CEO of Cigna International Markets, said employers face a real challenge to adapt to this lifestyle change and rethink the value proposition for expats. Employers may face major challenges in the future when it comes to filling vacancies abroad. The exciting, satisfying, globally mobile lifestyle that was an expatriate’s dream has changed and more and more people are putting their lifestyle, family and friends first when planning their move. ”

Healthcare has become a priority for all groups, and 23% of people already living abroad are considering moving for better healthcare. Work-life balance is also crucial: more than one quarter potential expatriates say flexible work is important and 16% would like to work from anywhere in the world.

It is likely that from now on, companies will have to revise the structure of their foreign operations. Personal and family needs are now at the forefront of decision making, and this could influence the benefits that expatriates have priority when choosing a workplace, ”adds Sadler.

The study also found that Canada is the most popular destination for expats: 11% want to move there. Australia and United States are in second place. The vast majority of people living in Europe and Australia are convinced they will stay abroad, but that is not the case in Asia: only 5% of people living in India and 16% of Mainland China are convinced they will stay.

The age profile of migrants is also changing: older workers are now more likely to return to or stay in their home country, while younger workers want to move abroad. Only 13% of people over 50 declare a willingness to go abroad, compared to 37% of people aged 18-24 and 34% of people aged 25-34.

Looking to the future, Dr. Stella GeorgeChief Medical Officer, Cigna International Markets, that the age structure of expatriates is likely to change.

The recent years of the pandemic have been particularly difficult for both current and long-term emigrants, ‘said Dr George. “For example, quick promotion, flexible work and other incentives. These benefits are especially attractive to those in the early stages of their careers. “

About the Cigna 360 Wellbeing Survey

The eighth edition of the Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey was conducted by Cigna International Markets in collaboration with Kantar, a leading data, analysis and consulting company. Over 11,900 people from Australia, Belgium, ChinaHong Kong, India, JapanKenya, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States interviews were conducted in May this year for the purpose of the study. She researched five key components – family, finance, health, social affairs and work – to discover the latest trends and challenges in the health and wellness of expatriates.

For the online sample, respondents were recruited from panels that undergo rigorous quality control and the panel composition is representative of the adult population in each of the markets surveyed.

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