Henning Krautmacher says goodbye: at the Höhner concert

Leverkusen. Henning Krautmacher has been on stage with the “Höhner” dialect group for around 36 years. On Sunday it happened for the last time at the Schlebuscher Schützen- i Volksfest. Just a few hundred meters from the parents’ house. And where it actually all started. At that time, the Höhners were looking for a replacement for singer Peter Horn, who left the band in 1987. Keyboardist and great mockery Peter Werner watched Krautmacher with his former band Leverkusen “Us d’r Lameng” at Wuppermann Park and talked to him. “Three days later,” organizer Werner Nolden described before the concert, “Henning was already in the studio.” And from then on, he not only replaced the former frontman, but became a dazzling figure in the music group founded in late summer. exactly 50 years ago.

“It all really started here at Schlebusch,” confirmed Krautmacher before saying goodbye to around 5,000 fans. “Not only did Höhner recruit me on June 22, 1986 at Wuppermann Park. But also because I got my first Orf and recorder lessons in Morsbroicher Straße Elementary School, I learned to swim in Dhünn and our first rehearsal room for the school ensemble was in Dhünnberg. ”

Shortly thereafter, Krautmacher entered the stage with his successor Patrick Lück and intoned the first song “Hey Kölle”. Lück, 45, who had been at the fore in November as his seventh mockery with Krautmacher, knew perfectly well: “Today is a very special day for Henning. There is always a special tingling sensation in the air when you play at home. But I am convinced that we will organize a great party in this beautiful scenery. “

This is how it happened. As a result, for a brief moment, there was nothing left to drink. Because people who did not want to give way to the stage were holding empty beer glasses. At least until Werner Nolden asked the audience during the break to bring the empty containers back. The group presented a total of about 30 titles from the entire repertoire, and yet the audience could not get enough. In addition, the compatriot from Leverkusen was applauded and celebrated, who, despite his successes, never started and always kept his feet on the ground. It was not easy to find a replacement, Krautmacher said in an interview a few weeks ago. Ultimately it was operated by the Kölsche Klüngel. “Patrick was recommended by Ur-John Peter Werner. Basically it went the same as for me 36 years ago. Just as I stood shoulder to shoulder with my predecessor then, now we’ll take care of it. People will get to know Patrick and find that he is a great full-blooded musician, singer and artist who can steer a ship by himself at the end of the year. The repertoire includes old and new titles. Krautmacher: “Like Bläck Fööss, also Höhner have written many evergreens that will surely survive.” However, they will not rest on their laurels, but will continue to produce new songs.

Recently, Krautmacher was glad that his successor had the last word. However, in Schlebusch, where he had known many of the guests personally, he wanted it different. “This is my living room, now I will pass it to Patrick,” he said and finally agreed to the song “Irjendwann sin mer uns widder”. It did not mean a descent on the stage, but at Schlebusch.

By the end of the year, “Oberhohn” Krautmacher wants to largely retire from music. Before that, the group will celebrate its 50th anniversary and summarize the past years at a great concert in late summer. As part of the “Höhner Christmas” tour in Germany, Henning Krautmacher will say goodbye to the Leverkusen audience on Thursday, November 24 at 19:30 in the Forum. The last of the 24 concerts in this series will take place on December 22 – from all venues in Düsseldorf.

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