It was as if a new dog had entered our lives

Herzliya, Israel and Calgary, Alberta – (June 24, 2022) – Innocan Pharma Corporation (CSE: INNO) (FSE: IP4) (OTC: INNPF) (the “Company” or “Innocan”) is pleased with the success of its report research preclinical in dogs with osteoarthritis. A case was published concerning the clinical condition of Goody, an 8-year-old mixed breed male cat. He was found tied on a very short leash, very emaciated and wounded, and when he was rescued he was in a terrible condition. Goody suffers from severe arthrosis of almost all joints and severe muscle wasting, especially of the pelvic limbs. Goody has previously been treated with joint supplements, NSAIDs, and hydrotherapy. In addition to these treatments, he was given liposomal CBD.

Goody’s dog owners stated: “We adopted Goody as a dog with multiple joint problems. In July 2021, his condition worsened. He was unable to get up without a joint warm-up and massage. he could not enjoy life. After Goody got liposomal CBD injections it was like a new dog stepping into our lives. She keeps getting up and enjoying life more than ever. Sometimes we even complain that it’s too alive. He smiles all the time as if he is having a great time. We couldn’t be happier. ”

“The global painkillers market reached $ 65.4 billion in 2021. According to IMARC Group forecasts, the market is expected to grow to $ 82.1 billion by 2027, and in 2022 – to achieve an annual cumulative growth rate of 3.8% in 2027. ” (Market Research May 2022)

“Rescuing patients from their misfortunes is the ultimate calling in life,” said Iris Bincovich, CEO of Innocan, adding, “It is a great honor for us to demonstrate our clinical excellence with our R&D laboratories and take a big step towards marketing.”

Unique Innocan Solution

By delivering liposome-encapsulated CBD (LPT platform), Innocan aims to achieve a long-lasting and significant concentration of CBD in the body, which, according to Innocan, will have a much more effective and lasting therapeutic effect.

Innocan has conducted a number of animal tests on its LPT platform. These experiments yielded initial positive results confirming Innocan’s right to intend to make CBD available to humans and animals for extended periods with a single dose.

Innocan’s unique delivery method allows for the controlled release of CBD into the bloodstream with an improved pharmacokinetic (PK) action profile. The research was conducted in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and suggests that the company’s technology is able to successfully deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

Innocan’s relationship with the Hebrew University

Innocan Pharma Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, has a worldwide exclusive research and license agreement for development, purification, characterization with the research and development company Yissum (“Yissum”), a commercial arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and product evaluation for extended release based on CBD (or other cannabinoids). The research and development initiative is led by Professor Chezy Barenholz, head of the Department of Membrane and Liposome Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who is also responsible for the invention of more than fifty-five patent families. Two of them are related to Doxil, a drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of breast cancer. The unique liposome platform (“LPT”) technology could prove effective in a variety of indications, including epilepsy, pain management, and various inflammatory and central nervous system disorders. The patent for this technology was filed on October 7, 2019.

About Innocan

Innocan is a pharmaceutical technology company focused on developing various CBD drug delivery platforms. Innocan Pharma and Ramot from Tel Aviv University are working together on a revolutionary new exosome-based technology that uses CBD to target both the central nervous system (CNS) and coronavirus-induced COVID-19. CBD loaded exosomes have the potential to help regenerate infected lung cells. This inhalation product is being tested in a variety of infectious lung diseases.

Innocan Pharma has signed a worldwide exclusive license agreement with Yissum, the commercial arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for the development of CBD drug delivery technology. The unique controlled release liposomes are administered by injection. Innocan Israel intends, together with prof. Barenholz, to test the liposome platform for many possible indications. In addition, Innocan Israel is working on the development of a dermatological product combining CBD with other active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as the development and commercialization of topical CBD-based medications for the relief of symptoms of psoriasis (psoriasis) and for the treatment of muscle pain and rheumatic pain. All founders and board members of Innocan Pharma Ltd. achieve commercial success in the pharmaceutical and technology industries in Israel and around the world.

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