Retain and attract skilled workers, with reliable working hours and more fun at work: a day pass

Create the optimal framework conditions and sell with high-comfort products

In order to successfully face the shortage of qualified employees, it is important not only to recruit new employees, but also to teamwork. The optimal framework conditions allow you to fully maintain your own offer and create working conditions for a satisfied and motivated team in the kitchen. We explain how MChef products and solutions contribute to this.


Hotels, restaurants and catering establishments face the challenge of offering their guests a complete and varied offer every day. Gastronomy wants to impress with the quality and pleasure of offering, at the same time giving room for current trends and not neglecting its own specialties. Many regular guests are convinced, but they are also happy about the new offers, and this applies to all guests that they want to convince themselves again with each visit.

Ideally, the F&B manager can also handle last minute inquiries and host events or small conferences that attract attractive new customers. An optimally equipped kitchen is prepared for these challenges. It works vigorously and reliably in your daily work, while being flexible when your queries go beyond that.

This becomes difficult when the team is small, the specialists are scarce, and the line-up is constantly limited and difficult to fill. If we add holidays or days off, then apart from unplanned events, such as illness, we only have to do without: resignation from an open restaurant, additional reservations, and, as a result, sales and new customers. This takes one step back after the other it doesn’t have to be that way.


More capacity for the same job It is made of a top-class convenience product, which is delivered ready to serve, can be stored deep-frozen and very easy to prepare in the combi steamer.

With this omitted

  • Time-consuming checking of incoming goods for fresh goods, because less is delivered and less has to be inspected,
  • time-consuming preparation, cutting, cooking and preparation in a preparatory kitchen,
  • Surprises caused by high daily prices or unexpected price fluctuations.

At the same time, dishes and suggestions that belong to the kitchen and home, such as a pot for a lid, gain full attention again. And the kitchen can absorb new trends and develop specialties that can become bestsellers again.

Training gets more attention when the team has enough time. This creates the conditions for today’s students to play a key role in the future team.

Thanks to the professional product line Daily by MChef, developed especially for the catering industry, employees feel relieved and benefit from

  1. regulated and scheduleable working hours
  2. days off that can be used as planned
  3. no overtime due to shorter preparation time
  4. greater freedom in designing the duty schedule
  5. more fun at work

At the same time, the employer can accept short-term interests and deliver ready meals. This has a positive effect on the turnover of the catering industry and does not negatively affect the motivation of employees. Processing can be done very easily and with almost no extra team effort.

MChef dishes delight with individual recipes and technically perfect preparation from the restaurant’s kitchen. Each dish is developed in a complex process and is optimally suited for use in gastronomy. The recipes, preparation and individual taste of the products distinguish them from well-known ready meals and create the convincing restaurant quality that MChef brings to every plate reliably and in the same high quality.


Thanks to the use of ready-to-serve, convenient products from MChef, work on the dish is limited to

  • timely defrosting and supply in the refrigerator
  • Cooking in the combi steamer

and ending at the pass as needed, just before serving.

Collecting and storing goods is quick and easy: each delivery is delivered directly from the refrigerated transport company to the freezer. Samples ensure incoming goods inspection. With a reasonable supply of ready meals at hand, there is a basis for planning the restaurant offer, the possibility of organizing events and conferences, and the optimal framework conditions in which the catering manager can also respond to short-term inquiries.

And all this without spoiling the kitchen schedule, without having to exchange holidays and days off for gold, and without the team constantly working overtime.

The professional lines of Daily products for preparation in the combi steamer and MChef à la carte from the Dialog oven offer the best conditions for the retention of qualified employees and the recruitment of new employees. And the best thing: the guests are also delighted with the first-class cuisine, they come back, write positive reviews and recommend the house to others.


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