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Health is in the water – and it should stay that way

Clean drinking water is an increasingly scarce commodity, which undoubtedly affects the well-being of all of us. Not only is the quality of drinking water deteriorating due to the effects of climate change, but also the aging water infrastructure and the cross-border nitrate pollution of groundwater in groundwater are also of concern to many consumers. Water filtration solutions solve these fundamental problems. The ultrafiltration system for single and multi-family houses is currently on show at the Greentech festival in Berlin.

Although drinking water is considered the most stringently controlled foodstuff, drinking water quality is also an increasingly controversial topic in Germany. Almost two-thirds (62%) of Germans fear that their drinking water quality will worsen due to climate change and extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. The consequences of climate change are causing a shortage of drinking water – according to UNESCO, 2.2 billion people currently do not have safe access to drinking water. An uncertain situation that will likely come to mind. 39% feel insecure about current media reports of nitrate contamination, drug residues, and pathogens such as Legionella. Urbanization and climate change combined with an aging water infrastructure threaten the quality of drinking water. After all, most of the distribution networks in Germany, with a total length of around 500,000 kilometers, are showing their age, and sediment and corrosion in the pipeline network can contaminate drinking water that has already been treated on its way to the consumer. More and more people are realizing the importance of clean drinking water.

Clean drinking water as a mission

In order to avoid future water supply bottlenecks, it is essential to respond to the consequences of climate change at an early stage. Technologies already exist to counteract the deteriorating quality of drinking water and to promote climate protection, for example by limiting the consumption of bottled water. With ultrafiltration systems for drinking water treatment, Seccua – a subsidiary of the filtration specialist MANN + HUMMEL – is aimed at a wide target group: households, public and commercial building operators, municipal water suppliers, industrial water consumers, medical facilities and around 180,000 self-sufficient people with private wells in Germany. The systems are installed at the point where drinking water is transferred from the public network to the building. Thus, they reduce pathogens, turbidity, rust discoloration, microplastics and, when combined with a Seccua biofilter, many other undesirable substances such as pesticides, hormone-like substances or drug residues at the focal point. The heart of the system is the filter membrane, the technology of which derives from the medical field of dialysis. Up to 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms are preserved. Haze, rust stains, microplastics and other particles are significantly reduced.

United for a healthy future

At this year’s Greentech Festival, the world’s largest event in the sustainable technology sector, the UrSpring BeWell ultrafiltration system for single and multi-family homes will be presented. The festival will take place on June 22-24, 2022 at Berlin’s former TXL airport, and is a platform for inspiration and exchange on the subject of sustainable development. Under the slogan #togetherwechange, the exhibitors pursue the goal of promoting technological, economic and social changes for a climate-friendly world. In the Urban Sustainability Hub, initiated by the consulting firm Drees & Sommer, you can experience sustainable solutions for cities and buildings: 17 drivers of innovation from the construction and real estate sectors showcase their products here on a shared exhibition space that will make the world of tomorrow healthier. In addition to water filter solutions, this also includes air filter systems from MANN + HUMMEL. Because it is only through the combined strength of market-leading companies and their grandchildren technology that the problems of our time can be overcome and the future is shaped sustainably.

about the author

Jan-Eric Raschke, Director of Public Affairs at MANN + HUMMEL

Jan-Eric Raschke, Mechanical Engineer and MBA, began his professional career in the field of electric motor systems assembly and, after almost ten years of an international career focusing on sales and program management, discovered his passion for filtration in internal combustion engines. After his initial focus on commercial vehicles, MANN + HUMMEL focused on high-quality filter products for premium OEMs. At MANN + HUMMEL in 2017, he took over the topic of fine dust reduction as head of an in-house start-up. Initially focusing on the holistic reduction of particulate matter from vehicles, Raschke shifted the focus to reducing air pollution in the open atmosphere (PublicAir) and complemented this in 2020 with Covid in mind, but also beyond it with the area of ​​antiviral agents indoor air purification (OurAir ). Jan-Eric Raschke has been the Director of Public Affairs since January 2022, with a focus on life sciences and the environment. Its aim is to anchor filtration solutions as a key technology for “clean air, clean water and clean mobility” in politics and society.

Secua Ltd

Seccua GmbH, 100% dependent on filter experts MANN + HUMMEL, is an innovation and technology leader in standardized membrane filtration systems for decentralized drinking water treatment. Seccua has been developing, manufacturing and selling ultrafiltration solutions for the significant reduction of pathogens and particles in drinking water in private, commercial and public buildings since 2005. Seccua filters provide holistic protection as they avoid the causes of poor drinking water quality and not only treat the symptoms. Over 3,000 Seccua systems are in use around the world. More information at www.seccua.com


MANN + HUMMEL is a world leader in filtration technology. The Ludwigsburg-based group develops intelligent solutions in two business areas: Transport and Life Sciences & Environment, which enable cleaner mobility, cleaner air and cleaner water. In this way, the company makes a significant contribution to clean land and the sustainable use of limited resources. Solutions include filter media and simulation technologies, liquid filters, air filtration and inlet systems for a variety of mobile and industrial applications, as well as membrane technologies for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems. More information at www.mann-hummel.com


Founders Sven Krger, Nico Rosberg and Marco Voigt invite outstanding pioneers, entrepreneurs, leaders and activists to GREENTECH FESTIVAL for a sustainable exchange. Innovative green technologies for a sustainable future are promoted and the festival’s groundbreaking extended concept welcomes visitors from all over the world. GREENTECH FESTIVAL creates a space for people with great ideas and innovations in the fight against the climate crisis and for a greener future. www.greentechfestival.com

Image sources: Drees & Sommer

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