Summer is here: hot, ice, baby!

Where are the cool delicacies in Marzahn-Hellersdorf

Summer, sun, ice – nothing fits together as well as these three “elements”. But ice cream is not just ice cream and the flavors vary. It’s good that there is a choice in the district. We counted and invented at least 14 ice cream parlors. Only those running a business whose principal activity is frozen confectionery are included. At this point, we do not rank in the ranking, because every ice cream shop is unique. But you can get inspired to try new things.

Suppliers agree that the classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry enjoy unflagging popularity. But variety never hurts. How about a chilli chilli ice cream (Ice Angels) or a dark orange (Emba Emilia)? At Timmy’s Eisladen, you can enjoy a creation called “Grandma’s Bowl” on comfortable sun loungers, which tastes like a freshly baked cake.

The pleasure of ice cream from morning to evening

The fact is that you can still eat ice cream relatively cheaply in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Currently, the ball costs an average of 1.40 euros here, while 2 euros or more towards the city center are not uncommon. Raw material prices are rising.

At € 1.50 a measure, the ‘Eiscafé Allegro’ is slightly above average. But the store is perfect for friends who like late ice cream. You can feast at Helle Mitte until 10 p.m. – longer than at any other ice cream parlor in the district. You should definitely try “Raffaelo Strawberry Ice Cream” here – a completely new and very popular creation.

On the other hand, early risers receive their money at “Eisladen Kaulsdorf” on Bausdorfstrasse. From nine o’clock there are many delicious breakfast options – and of course, ice cream. Owner Franziska Fröhling confirms that some guests start their day with a delicious ice cream dessert. Mango sorbet, cookies, and rice milk ice cream were squeezed into a cup. mmm …

Ice Night on June 25

As an ice cream seller, he has turned his hobby into a profession, says Jorin Verges, who runs Kleines Eiswerk with his wife and produces cool delicacies with great passion. The work is also fun thanks to the clients, because everyone who goes out for ice cream has something to celebrate, or at least is in a good mood. Of course, the ice artist makes a mistake sometimes. Beer ice cream wasn’t even popular on Men’s Day. The cucumber, lime and mint sorbet are especially popular. It will likely be used during the Ice Night on June 25 as well. Then, after the actual closure, the residents of the left and right sides of the Hultschiner Damm meet here for a special ice cream cocktail.

Italian ice cream at its best

The Italian Flavio Gustibus pampers its guests along the Hönower Straße with original Italian ice cream recipes. In his little shop, he offers ice cream cones and take-away cups. There are only a few spots, but you can book Flavio with its ice cream truck. We also immediately received Italian language tutoring from him. Did you know that the term spalciatella means something like ‘to tear apart’? This is no coincidence: during production, the melted chocolate is added to the finished milk ice cream and spectacularly crushed in the ice cream machine. Incidentally, the spalciatella ice cream is the most popular choice at the “Kleine Eisinsel” on Lassallestraße in Kaulsdorf – in combination with chocolate waffle cones for a small extra charge, it gets even better.

Sandra Völker

Flavio Gustibus

■ Hönower Strasse 214

■ Tuesday-Sunday: 12.00-18.00

■ Seats: 6 inside / 6 outside

■ Ice cream No. 1: yogurt with figs

■ Ice cream according to a secret Italian recipe, self-service cups only to take away, there is also an ice cream truck in use which can be booked

DADDY’S Ice Cream Shop

■ Hönower Straße 5

■ Every day from 12:00 to 18:00

■ Seating: 4 inside / 20 outside

■ # 1 Ice Cream: Caramel Cheesecake

■ Charging the future thanks to intelligent technology (light mood, temperature – fully automatic), card payment possible, self-service

A small ice factory

■ Hultschiner Dam 76

■ Every day from 12:00 to 18:00

■ Seats: 30 inside / 60 outside

■ # 1 Ice Cream: Cucumber-Lime-Mint

■ Three large terraces, two playgrounds in the immediate vicinity, self-service

Ice Angels

■ Blumberger Damm 90

■ Every day: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

■ Seating: 12 inside / 25 outside

■ Ice Cream # 1: Chocolate Chili

■ The Gardens of the World are right next door. There are also several types of soft ice cream

Timmy’s Ice Cream Shop

■ Alte Hellersdorfer Strasse 119

■ Every day: 14.00-19.00

■ Seats: 20 inside / outside

■ Ice Cream No. 1: Grandma’s Cake

■ Comfortable sun loungers invite you to linger. Ball ice cream and soft ice cream

Michel’s ice cream

■ Oberfeldstrasse 148

■ Every day 12-21 (Tuesday to 20:00)

■ Seats: approx. 20 on the benches

■ Ice cream No. 1: semolina pudding

■ Up to 150 different types of ice cream on offer

Allegro Ice Cream Shop

■ Lil Dagover Avenue 2

■ Every day from 10:00 to 22:00

■ Seats: approx. 50 inside / 70 outside

■ Ice Cream # 1: Raffaelo Strawberry

■ Outside you can sit wonderfully in the traffic, for late night friends enjoying your ice cream

Kaulsdorf Ice Cream Shop

■ Bausdorfstrasse 65

■ Tuesday-Sunday 9.00am-6.00pm

■ Seats: 50 inside / 80 outside

■ Ice Cream No. 1: Mango

■ covered terrace, ice cream parlor from 9:00 am, playground next door

Little ice island

■ Lassallestrasse 29

■ Wed-Fri: 14: 00-18: 00

■ Sat, Sun and public holidays: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

■ Seats: 12 inside / 23 outside

■ Ice Cream No. 1: spalciatella

■ The neighboring Kaulsdorfer lakes are worth visiting. self service

Promenada Ice Cream Shop

■ Marzahn Promenade 1

■ Monday to Saturday: 9:30 to 20:00

Albert’s Ice Cream Shop

■ Hellersdorfer Strasse 77

■ Mon-Sat: 9: 00-19: 00, Sunday: 10: 00-18: 00

La Gondola Ice Cream Shop

■ Marzahn Promenade 1

■ Every day from 10:00 to 19:00

Janny I’s ice cream

■ Blumberger dam 146

■ Mon-Fri: 13: 00-19: 00, Saturday-Sunday: 12: 00-19: 00

Johnny II’s ice cream

■ Schneeberger Strasse 9

■ Everyday: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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