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Status: 06/24/2022 17:17

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, authorities have registered 1,354 new corona infections since Thursday. Fifteen Covid-19 patients are treated in intensive care units across the country. The frequency of hospitalization remains at the level of 3.2.

The number of registered new corona infections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has increased by 1,354 cases since Thursday (as of Friday at 15:20). That’s 501 more than a week ago. The number of deaths is 2,259 (+1).

3,407,906 doses of vaccines have been administered since Monday (June 20) in the Northeast, according to LAGuS. Consequently, 1,212,784 people have been vaccinated at least once and are therefore partially vaccinated (vaccination rate of 75.3 percent). 1,197,575 people (vaccination rate 74.3 percent) are primary vaccinated, ie twice vaccinated or cured and vaccinated. 935,639 people have already received a booster (vaccination rate 58.1 percent), 102,924 people have already received a second booster (vaccination rate 6.4 percent). Vaccination data is provided weekly by LAGuS.

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Since spring 2020, they have been the measure of everything: morbidity values. But that may change now with the new test strategy. still

The frequency of hospitalization remains at the level of 3.2

The incidence of crown patients brought to the clinic for treatment within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants is 3.2 (+0.0). According to data from LAGuS and the Ministry of Health, there are currently 15 people (+/- 0) with Covid-19 in the intensive care unit. According to the intensive care registry (as of Friday, 17:05), 7 (-1) patients are invasively ventilated.

Highest hospitalization rate in the Rostock district

Since Friday, the Rostock district has the highest incidence of hospitalizations – 5.5. Following are the counties of Ludwigslust-Parchim (5.2), West Pomerania-Rügen (4.4), the city of Schwerin (4.2), North-West Mecklenburg (3.2), Mecklenburg Lake District (1.9) and West Pomerania-Greifswald (1.3 ) and the Hanseatic city of Rostock (0.5).

The incidence of new infections nationwide is 522.0

The seven-day incidence of new infections nationwide on Friday was 522.0 (+30.8). The Hanseatic city of Rostock has the highest value (692.1) and the lowest (387.1) in the district of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte. The Hanseatic city of Rostock reports the most newly infected people with 299 cases. It is followed by the counties of Rostock and West Pomerania-Rügen, each of 228, Ludwigslust-Parchim (208), West Pomerania-Greifswald (150), Mecklenburg Lake District (148), the capital of the federal state Schwerin (49) and the northwest district Mecklenburg (44).

Lots of new infections in children 12 years of age and older

LAGuS publishes a report on the condition of the crown among children and adolescents broken down by age groups. According to a report from Friday (June 24), there were 25 new infections in children aged 0-5 years across the country, and the seven-day incidence of new infections in this group was 168. In the 6-11-year-old group, there were 55 new infections, the incidence was 341. The leader was 12 to 17 years of age with 83 new infections and a frequency of 591.

On Monday (June 20), LAGuS reported ten active cases of infection (+7) from geriatric care facilities. 37 residents (+25) and 29 employees (+21) were affected. The numbers are reported weekly by LAGuS.

The NDR shows every week how the pace of first, second and booster vaccinations is developing in the northern federal states of Germany.

Crown in MV

Bioinformatics scientist Lars Kaderali © dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Photo: Jens Büttner

Kaderali does not believe that intensive care units are reaching their limits. But there may be staffing problems with critical infrastructure. still

A free citizenship test for the corona virus is advertised at an exhibition in central Braunschweig.  © photo Alliance / dpa / Moritz Frankenberg Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

Health ministers do not want to present corona protection measures for fall in a week’s time. still

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The State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LAGuS) was unable to complete all tasks as usual in 2021. still

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Photo compilation: Christian Drosten, Cocid 19 vaccine bottle, old woman being examined for the presence of a crown.  © Picture Alliance, color box Photo: Michael Kappeler

A previously unknown lung disease broke out in China in late 2019. A few weeks later, the first case appears in the North. still

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