“Die Ęrzte” concert in Heilbronn: Beginning, support bands, parking lot

On Friday, June 24, the Frankenstadion trembled

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Preparations for the biggest show in Heilbronn in almost ten years are in full swing. You have to know that before the concert.

About 20,000 visitors. 300 emergency services at the same time. Seven days of construction. Three musicians. And a concert night that Heilbronn has not experienced on such a scale in almost a decade. On Friday, June 24, “Die Ęrzte” will make a guest appearance at the Frankenstadion. And as befits the “best band in the world” from Berlin, the effort involved in the punk rock show by drummer Bela B, bassist Rodrigo Gonzáles and guitarist Farin Urlaub is enormous.

“From the stage to forklifts, aggregates, containers, tents, toilets and much more, there is almost an infinite number of things to organize for a concert,” explains Rolf Weinmann. The managing director of the Provincial Tour concert agency in Neuenstadt is organizing the concert “Die Ęrzte” in Heilbronn. There are still tickets for the show. And it’s likely that those who spontaneously make decisions at the box office from 3pm will not leave empty-handed.

Concert “Die Ęrzte” in Heilbronn: Beginning, opening act, parking – all information

The last concert of this rank was held in Heilbronn on June 14, 2013. Meanwhile, Die Toten Hosen rocked the Frankenstadion. Encore: street chaos. The two locomotives had collided, so the trains couldn’t run as planned, and fans were crowding in the main station. Weinmann is convinced that it will be different this time and there will be no unnecessary “wasting time” on arrival or departure.

Weinmann: “We have the entire Theresienwiese as a parking lot, which reduces the pressure.” If there are no accidents, the “song of defeat” will probably only be heard on stage from “Super Drei”. In addition, the cattle pasture in Heilbronn-Böckingen is available as parking, as are the multi-storey car parks near the Frankenstadion in Heilbronn.

However, due to the expected heavy traffic during the concert “Die Ęrzte” in Heilbronn, the organizers recommend the use of public transport. Especially for the return journey after the show, Heilbronner-Hohenloher-Haller-Nahverkehr (HNV) has prepared all kinds of special trains and buses to make the trip home easy.

The concert in Heilbronn: “Die Ęrzte” starts at 20:00

Admission to the “Die Ęrzte” concert at the Frankenstadion in Heilbronn will start at 15.30. Then the cash register opens. The program starts at 5:30 PM. Then the first support band “Schrott border” begins. At 6.30 pm the concert of the second support of the band “Pascow” begins. “Doctors” starts at 20:00.

Parking for the Die Ęrzte concert Theresienwiese in Heilbronn, cattle pastures in Heilbronn-Böckingen and multi-storey car parks in Heilbronn
support teams Scrap limit, Pascow
inlet 15.30
start of the program 5:30 PM
Show start Die Ęrzte 20:00

Incidentally, this year’s “Die Ęrzte” concert in Heilbronn is not the first collaboration between promoter Rolf Weinmann and Belafarinrod: “At the end of the 1980s, Die Ęrzte played three concerts in a row at Heilbronner Harmonie – all completely sold out. Before that, they played at Heilbronn-Biberach in the Böllingertalhalle and also a concert in Block E. We were involved everywhere ”. By the way, “Die Ęrzte” from Berlin is not the only mega-rock band with which the organizers from around Heilbronn have good contacts. The next big concert is coming up in just a few weeks.

“Die Ęrzte” and Heilbronn: “Ein Lied für dich” recalls Käthchenstadt

What Weinmann appreciates the most in Die Ęrzte is the humor and intelligent lyrics: “The guys are very simple, they don’t take themselves or their audience very seriously.” In addition, the songs of the self-proclaimed “Best Band” in the World “definitely deserve to be listened to carefully. After all, they carry important and timely news.

These are “Doctors”

The Berlin punk band Die Ęrzte was founded in Berlin in 1982. After a temporary dissolution in 1988, a convention was held in 1993. Since then, “Die Ęrzte” is one of the three most successful rock bands in Germany. In addition to the two founding members, Farina Urlauba (guitar, vocals) and Bela B (drums, vocals), bassist Rodrigo Gonzáles has been completing the trio since 1993.

After a long break in the studio after the album “auch” (2012), “Die Ęrzte” recently released two new albums in a short time (“Hell” (2020) and “Dunkel” (2021). The most famous songs from “Die Ęrzte” are “Schrei nach Liebe”, “Westerland”, “Men are pigs” and “Junge”.

Similar to the rock band “AOP” from around Heilbronn: not only have the audible impact of “Die Ęrzte” but also the oppositer echo24.de Tacheles spoken in relation to a highly competitive concert market. Anyone who can’t get enough of Die Ęrzte should also give Timm Rock, a musician from Heilbronn, a chance. Because he discovered a flaw in the market – and wrote a fun, catchy tune to sing together for a famous festival.

Rolf Weinmann organizes the concert “Die Ęrzte” at the Frankenstadion in Heilbronn.

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After almost ten years without a huge open-air concert, and especially after a break in Corona, the desire to perform “Die Ęrzte” in Heilbronn should be enormous, so that guitarist and vocalist Farin Urlaub would hardly miss a line of “Song for You” will circulate: “You are with Bielefeld, from Dresden, from Heilbronn? We won your heart somehow. “

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