Do fathers-to-be understand playing in Mainz?

Preparing for childbirth with a somewhat unconventional midwife in the Feelfit health studio: For pregnant women, this means ‘stay calm’ in front of the camera ‘Do you understand the fun?’

Now take a deep breath and relax – the Hilger family for “Do you understand the fun?” in the Feelfit studio. Acting couple in the background.
(Photo: Esme Coraggioso)

MAINZ – Anyone who has been allowed to watch or even participated in the filming knows how complicated it is. While the cameras record what is happening on stage, what is behind the cameras is sobering. Not only are countless cables snaking around the floor and ending up in some sort of equipment – there are also spotlights, monitors, microphones, and more.

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Emission this Saturday

Usually. Not so on the set of Do You Understand the Fun? As it would be harmful. Especially since “Verschaukelte” don’t know they’re on the set. Like those fathers who were mocked at the fitness / health studio “Feelfit” in Mainz at Mombacher Straße 66, and by a rather unconventional “midwife”; talk about the decoy Steffi. What exactly is happening there, how they fool the gentlemen and what acting skills are used by pregnant women – it remains a mystery, so as not to predict the fun that will be broadcast on the TV program next Saturday.

Studio manager Esme Coraggioso, a fan of Do You Understand Fun ?, was thrilled when the production team asked late last year if they could shoot at their premises. “I thought it was a great idea.” At the time, the pandemic was still going on and the team had a harder time finding opportunities to shoot in the midwives’ circles. “As we have large rooms available and we offer yoga and Pilates for pregnant women and birth preparation in our home, it was a good idea to shoot with us because pregnant women are there,” says Esme Coraggioso with a smile.

Work out preparations before shooting

All the women who were asked wanted to make fun of their man. However, it required a bit of persuasion, “because in this situation not every woman wants to appear in front of the camera. They also didn’t know if they could really stay calm, ”recalls Coraggioso. Four future mothers agreed. It was filmed four times in total. One pair of parents per session plus two pairs of actors acting as decoys. For safety reasons, if one of the dads later did not agree to the publication, the band would not be able to use all of the material. As a result, an operator who was allowed to watch in an adjoining room was able to enjoy this fictional labor preparation course four times.

Preparations started the day before shooting, recalls Coraggioso. Because they were quite expensive. The hall is on the top floor and the carpenters have made minor adjustments to make room for five cameras, including three operators. Built-in mirrors make technology and people invisible. Two cameras were controlled from the adjoining room. “I was amazed you didn’t see it. Nobody noticed it, our fathers later told us – Esme Coraggioso recounts teasingly.

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The daddies of the children who were born meanwhile took the joke well and will surely be sitting with their family in front of the screens when Barbara Schöneberger asks on Saturday night at 8:15 pm: “Do you understand the fun?”

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