Festive and courtly dresses for MK in “Clothing Love”

Madeline Mourmaux-Stute takes over the party and court dress shop in Österfeld.

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In the European aristocracy, the grand entrance of crowned heads is probably carefully planned. Noble garments must fit from head to toe. But even with majesties in whose veins no blue blood flows, it’s usually a matter of minutes. When the bird fell on the Schützenfest and the newly crowned king overcame the greatest obstacle, the time for the future regent passed. From jeans, to a lace dress, and to a throne – all in a matter of hours. The mares Marlies Fritzsche and Madeline Mourmaux often experienced this “transformation”. When it comes to clothing, they are there.

Österfeld – How many shooters, princesses and empresses stood in their dressing rooms – Marlies Fritzsche did not count them. For the 25 years she ran her small business in Österfeld, she advised countless majesties, pinned their dresses and checked that each belt, loop or frill fit perfectly.

Reachable when bird falls

Being a queen or princess is a dream for many women. A surprise for some. The special moments are probably those where future regents did not count on the accuracy of their would-be king or prince – or were not even privy to the aspirant’s plans. Marlies Fritzsche experienced many different moods and emotional moments when on the Schützenfest weekend, usually in the late afternoon, her phone rang and was asked the key question: “Do you have a dress for me?”

Store visits are usually available twice a week during business hours and by appointment. But it also works spontaneously: a coach from Lippstadt once stopped in front of the door. Women from the shooting club on board. “They asked if you could enter the store. When I asked how many people it was, it turned out that “the entire bus is full,” remembers Marlies Fritzsche. The entire shooting club filled its little shop with two large changing rooms. “And they all bought a lot,” she smiles to this day.

During the Schützenfest season

The Schützenfest season is also high season when it comes to party wardrobes. A weekend without a shooting festival? “Not between May and July,” says the packer. If the question of clothing needs a quick clarification, Marlies Fritzsche is there. They also receive calls from clubs in neighboring towns such as Attendorn and Olpe. The little shop on L 539 between Meinerzhagen and Valbert is well known.

The dress should suit the guy

Madeline Mourmaux will take over the company on July 1. The Hunswinkler grew up at the annual Listertal Shotgun Festivals. The 32-year-old loves shooters and loves the festive dresses she wears for these occasions. The name “love of clothes” is not accidental. Because no matter if it’s lace, tulle or taffeta – “I just like these dresses,” Madeline Mourmaux describes her love of pompous robes as well as simpler, festive evening dresses.

That’s why Madeline Mourmaux was one of the organizers of the festive clothing exchange organized by the Zur Listertalsperre shooting club. “It’s just fun for me to sell these clothes,” says a qualified educator. Choose, try on, give directions – an honest opinion is required. It’s important that the dress fits well, says Madeline Mourmaux. “And it has to suit the guy.”

Not only the majesties of the shooting club in Österfeld have a large selection, but also court ladies, ball guests and wedding guests. Only brides are unlikely to find what they are looking for. Madeline Mourmaux doesn’t wear the classic white wedding fashion like her predecessor. According to both specialists, it is a very complex and time-consuming business. “And most of them turn it into an event, preferring to go to the big city.”

Festive dresses in all sizes

Festive dresses in sizes from the smallest to the larger are available in a large selection in Österfeld. The choice of colors is as large as the choice of fabrics and cuts. There is no trend. “Many people love pastel shades, but in the end it always depends on the type,” argues the mother of two little daughters. Floral prints can now also be found on party dresses. However, experience shows that it takes a good two years for a trend to be discovered in rural areas.

A trained seamstress, Heike Holthaus, makes sure that the dress fits correctly and has the correct length. “If necessary, she also sews at night to get the dress ready in time,” says Madeline Mourmaux. Again, the time factor plays a role. Only when the right outfit is found and everything is perfect, can queens or princesses play their roles freely.

opening hours

Clothing Love is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Visits are also possible by arrangement. Madeline Mourmaux can be contacted on 0151/50625504

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