Guido Cantz in an interview on “Do you understand fun?” Ending: “I don’t have a midlife crisis”

Mr. Cantz, today we want to talk about your latest show “Understand that you are having fun”. But recently you’ve been in the headlines for coronary heart disease, so the first question is: How are you?

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Cantz: Weeds aren’t going away – luckily I’ve recovered a bit and haven’t been quarantined for a few days.

When your illness went public, there was a lot of criticism online – because you were just on stage at the Cologne Carnival.

Cantz: The criticism was really nonsensical. I had a lot of talks with the health department and to this day it is unclear where I got the infection. I tested myself daily for two weeks around carnival and it was always negative.

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How did you deal with criticism and joy on the Internet?

Cantz: I read a lot and shook my head. Then I replied to one person. I wrote to her that being on stage was my job. You cannot moderate the carnival from home. I was not standing in the crowd, but in a separate container. I read that two weeks after the carnival, the number of crowns did not increase that much.

Let’s talk about “Get Fun”. How do you miss that after twelve years you will return the series?

Cantz: I am very happy with this decision. But of course there is also sadness. I had a great team from which friendships developed. It’s just a good time to stop: it’s the 200th show, my 60th. We did it very well. (laughter)

What was the reason for saying goodbye?

Cantz: I’ve always had a two-year contract with SWR. Then in the spring, every two years, we sat down and checked if both sides wanted it to continue. This year I felt as if I realized: I am 50 years old. I wrote a book about my life during the Corona pandemic, and I had a lot of time to think about what I actually wanted in my life. Part of it was: stop saying “Do you understand how cool this is” and have more time for other things.

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You mentioned the number 50 yourself, was that a problem for you?

Cantz: It wasn’t a problem, neither am I in a midlife crisis. But that’s a number that makes you realize: I’ve been really lucky in my life because I’ve been able to do so many great things. And then you ask yourself: what else is there? But when you mention age: In the meantime, it also happens that in comedy shows I notice that I am the oldest. I was the youngest once, it’s bitter. (laughter)

Until your young colleagues suddenly start using initials …

Cantz: It’s not that far yet. (laughs) What makes me realize that I am getting older is the fact that suddenly many politicians are younger than me when I look at our new cabinet. Or the doctors who always seemed so much older and so experienced. Now you’re one of those people who ask: Can he even do this, he’s way too young. (laughter)

Let’s look back at the twelve years of Understanding the Fun. What were your highlights?

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Cantz: I’ve always found playing decoys great. Unlike my predecessors, I did it much more intensively. Unfortunately at some point people recognized me better and better, so that I had to stay in the mask longer and longer to remain unrecognized. (laughter)

Which celebrity was it fun to fuck with?

Cantz: Of course there were a few, but Bülent Ceylan was definitely the highlight. Not only did I cheat him on stage during his tour, but also live during my performance. Our two halls in Mannheim were only 800 meters apart, and it was a bold experiment. I was told before that as a presenter you shouldn’t miss your live performance – we did it anyway which turned out to be very fun. But I was cheated a couple of times myself, and again, of all things, at the last concert at the end. Of course, that was what I expected and they continued to do so. (laughs) But the band did it really well and with great love. I noticed that my colleagues were very emotional, so were I. This is a nice ending for the viewer.

How many times have you fooled a celebrity?

Cantz: It happened to me twice, with Joachim Llambi and Rea Garvey. They both finally said, “Okay, haha. This is “Are you kidding”, you can break up now. ” This is a case of people just saying, “This is definitely” your joke. ” Sometimes I say that myself the third time I pass a coin at an ATM. The only thing that was clear to them was that the matter was serious – and then you had to break up.

Has it also happened that celebrities noticed and then played?

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Cantz: The legend claims that every third celebrity just plays. This is complete nonsense. I can assure you that we notice it as soon as someone plays. Then the movie can’t be good anymore.

Who do you wish you hadn’t fucked yet?

Song: Jörg Pilawa. He’s been our lure a few times, but we haven’t fooled him yet. He’s been on TV for so long, and he’s absolutely sure it won’t work. He shouldn’t be so sure. (laughter)

There are people who change their hairstyle with the new stage of their life. Yours is particularly striking – is it possible that you will part with the blonde after so many years?

Cantz: No, the hair will stay the same. I also often hear that it is totally out of date and that I stayed in the 1980s. I didn’t really have them in the 80’s. (laughs) I started coloring in 1997 and I can’t even change it, because that’s how my wife got to know me. And if I had to change now, I don’t even know if she would recognize me again. (laughs) I’ll probably wait until they’re all gray.

What awaits you after “Do you understand the fun”?

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Cantz: Next is the program with Johannes B. Kerner and Günther Jauch, in which the three of us compete against quiz bombs, for example the millionaire from “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” or the winner with the “Quiz Champion”. Otherwise I keep it like this: I finish one thing, then I keep looking.

Can you imagine organizing something that has nothing to do with comedy?

Cantz: You mean I will be the successor to Anne Will, for example? This is not my core competence. I am a political person and have a clear opinion on many issues, and I also vote. But moderating something like this – other colleagues can do better. I’m already someone who likes to entertain people. But what I can still imagine is sports moderation.

Thanks to “Realizing that you are having fun” you had a relatively “safe” job in show business. Is it not risky to give up something nowadays?

Cantz: Of course I handled it. But I worry less for myself than for the general situation of the cultural landscape. I am not only someone to be seen on TV, but also someone who has been on stage for 30 years. I run parties, I go on tours, I am active in the carnival. We cultural workers have been the biggest losers in the pandemic in the last two years, I hope that will change soon.

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Do 2G plus and possible compulsory vaccination give hope?

Cantz: Yes, it gives me hope. But people still have to want to go outside first. The experience we are currently gaining is that viewers do not feel so comfortable despite buying tickets and often do not come. Vaccinations are a step in the right direction. It is also important that we close theaters and that artists can do their jobs. Since we artists can perform online as well, I did it myself during the pandemic, but it’s not like full of applause and laughter.

How important is humor in a pandemic?

Cantz: Very important. Public service broadcasters are currently discussing whether entertainment is part of the broadcaster’s mission. It is very clear to me. You also notice that formats that keep people entertained are still in high demand. Have you seen this, for example, in the “Wetten, dass …?” Courses. We also had 6.5 million viewers for our 40th anniversary which was great for us too. People not only want to deal with corona numbers, they also want to be distracted constantly.

If there is such a thing as handing over with Barbara Schöneberger – what advice will you give her?

Cantz: She doesn’t need it at all. Barbara is a very humorous person which is a good prerequisite for the show. It is important that you have fun. I’ve been on stage with her a few times and I can say: she’s a very good cast for the show.

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Will you watch Mrs. Schöneberger’s first performance?

CANTZ: Absolutely. After all, the show is like my baby. Of course, I want to see it develop.

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