Rhein in Flammen and Kulturuferfest back in Bingen

The highlights of “Rhein in Flammen” and “Kulturuferfest” will breathe life into Bingen again after the pandemic break in July. What’s in the program.

The last fireworks in Rhein in Flammen in the middle of the river between Bingen and Rüdesheim have always been the highlight.
(Archival photo: Matthias Ketz)

BINGEN – Two more traditional brands return to the highlights of the Bingen event calendar: Rhein in Flammen and Kulturuferfest. And traditionally, both events once again ensure concentrated fun in the city on the Rhein-Nahe-Eck during a weekend together. On Saturday, July 2, Rhein in Flammen will show the river in the glow of lights and fireworks late at night, and on Sunday, July 3, Kulturufor will be full of fun and entertainment with free admission.

A parade of 30 ships will lift anchor on the Rhine in flames. Six impressive fireworks displays accompany the ships from Trechtingshausen via Bingen to Rüdesheim, past romantically lit castles, to an absolute highlight: the last musical firework display in the middle of the Rhine. In the first year after Corona, individual ships will be thematically en route. Among other things, there is a wine tour or a Soiree Varieté. On land, Radio RheinFM will use the stage in Rhein-Nahe-Eck. Music for Rhein in Flammen will be broadcast on 1 July on Radio RheinFM (frequency Rhein in Flammen: UKW 97.3) and of course the last fireworks will be heard on 2 July at 22:30. Food trucks and wine stands strengthen the country’s fans. The Rhine facilities on Kulturufer are moody illuminated.

Kira & Anders are at the Kulturuferfest with their fantastic turntable.  Photo: City of Bingen

Kira & Anders are at the Kulturuferfest with their fantastic turntable.
(Photo: City of Bingen)

Artist groups will keep you entertained

On Sunday from 12:00 at Kulturufor, tricks, acrobatics and music are on the agenda. Twelve groups of artists showcase their skills at the most beautiful locations between the Rhein-Nahe-Eck and the water gauge. And then there will be something to admire: the great dragon of happiness Anima Planet, 25 meters long; Fabuloka Staal from the Netherlands who lives in and around a five-meter-high metal structure; Belgian artists Sur Mesure-Barrière, who invite you to a surreal world full of humor, nonsense and live soundtrack. In addition, Kira & Anders offer acrobatic attractions with a fantastic turntable, the always dynamic Ole and rather the tramp Mara discover the trampoline as a fun item. Kluturuferfest has more surprises on its agenda. Meanwhile, the wine and gastronomy stands as well as food trucks provide refreshment.

tickets and information

tickets can be purchased from Bingen Tourismus und Kongress GmbH.
E-mail: rheininflammen@bingen.de or online at Rheininflammen-bingen.de

Everything Information to Rhein in Flammen and Kulturuferfest in Bingen am Rhein, they can be obtained from Tourismus und Kongress GmbH: Telephone 06721-18 4200 or at Bingen.de

A new attraction is planned

“It will be nice as always,” predicts Patricia Neher from the board of the municipal event of Kongresowa Tourism GmbH (TUK). For Rhein in Flammen the use of ships is good now, only tickets remain. “Initially, we felt our target audience was still afraid of the crown,” says Neher. The fates of the cards were not as great as in the past. A special attraction will be the first musical accompaniment to fireworks. At the same time, guests who are not on the ships are well looked after as part of the shore program. Overall, TUK already assumes a large number of visitors. Therefore, Patricia Neher recommends the use of shuttle buses and public transport. There are designated parking spaces, but Hafenstrasse is reserved for coaches.


Patricia Neher from the Urban Tourism and Congress Event Management GmbH (TUK).  Archival photo: Tscherner

Patricia Neher from the Urban Tourism and Congress Event Management GmbH (TUK).
(Archival photo: Tscherner)

“Relaxed and cheerful as always” will take place the next day at the Kulturuferfest. “This year we have a high percentage of acrobatics among the participating artists,” says Neher. “Colorful mix for young and old” is offered with free admission. By the way, if you forgot something while shopping on Saturday, you can make up for it on Sunday. Because retail in the city center has opened its doors to Sunday shopping.

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Neher assumes that “many people will come” to Kulturufera. As a free open-air event, there will be no financial or coronation worries. “You finally need to relive something.”

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