Shops suffer from a large construction site on Egerlandstrasse

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FROM: Suzanne Weiss


Construction behind the construction site: Egerlandstraße is being renovated, a teardrop-shaped roundabout is being built on the Fasanenweg and another road maintenance measure has been added this week. © Sabine Hermsdorf-Hiss

Due to the construction site on Egerlandstraße, fewer customers come to the shops. The intersection with the Fasanenweg has also been closed for two weeks.

Geretsried – A woman is driving along the Fasanenweg in her red car. No more at the exit to Egerlandstraße. Construction site, barrier, prohibition round sign. The woman looks helpless for a moment, then turns away. Confluence has been closed for two and a half weeks. The message did not reach everyone – not even all stores. To the disappointment of the owners.

They have been struggling since the demolition and construction of new residential and commercial buildings owned by a construction cooperative and savings bank began, including an underground car park. Due to the blocked intersection, another 25 to 30 percent of customers stayed away, says Ludwig Schmid of the bakery of the same name. His neighbor Frederik Holthaus, owner of the Isar department store, says as much as 30 to 35 percent from that point in the previous year.

Geretsried: shops available despite the construction site

Frederik Holthaus, managing director of the Isar department store
Frederik Holthaus, managing director of Isar © Sabine Hermsdorf

“Customers are complaining because they don’t know how to get to us,” says Elvine Engelhardt, who runs a Paracelsus pharmacy across the street. It was especially bad for her that she found out about the blockade from the newspaper. – Neither the city nor the construction cooperative informed us – relates Engelhardt. She would like to plan staff vacations accordingly.

Frederik Holthaus praises contract construction companies as “cooperative”. He is in daily contact with construction managers. “They’re trying, but the construction site is a construction site,” says department store manager Isar. Particularly irritating for Schmid and for him was that on Monday other sections of the Egerlandstraße in the pedestrian crossing area were unexpectedly opened. This resulted in a slalom course for customers and employees. “Delivery has been difficult, but so far it has been made clear,” said Schmid on Wednesday.

Business people hope that the redesigned Egerlandstraße will thrive

Construction workers were completed the next day, says Thomas Loibl, a spokesman for the city of Geretsried. It was a means of maintaining municipal roads. “The beech of cobblestones at red intersections has been loosening for some time,” explains Loibl in an interview with our newspaper. At one point it would have to be fixed, but now the opportunity has been used as the traffic frequency is low due to the blockage.

Rudi Utzinger, Managing Director of Intersport Utzinger
Rudi Utzinger, Managing Director of Intersport Utzinger © Hans Lippert

It is important for entrepreneurs in southern Egerlandstraße to emphasize: In the shops, visitors do not have to cut corners and are reachable. “Customers can drive up to our car park,” says Frederik Holthaus. This is what it says on a joint banner from Isar department store, Schmid Bäck ‘supermarket and Istanbul on one of the fencing of the site. Holthaus: “We try to hold on.”

On the other hand, Rudi Utzinger from the Intersport store of the same name is trying to make the best of the situation. The latest SUP boards are on the railings. The specialist retailer also presents his goods under the pavilion between the store and the construction site. He also activated online trading a bit further, reports Utzinger. “Of course, we feel the construction site in this dimension, but it will all pass.” Utzinger still remembers the last renovation on Egerlandstrasse. “The situation was similar there.” But you overcame that too. “Intersport Utzinger has been here for 43 years.”

Utzinger reports that he is often in Karl-Lederer-Platz to plan the Alpenland startup on July 20. – The atmosphere has changed radically for the better – says the managing director. It assumes that Egerlandstraße will develop in a similar way. “People can park in the underground car park and take a walk upstairs. Excellent.”

Works on Egerlandstraße and Fasanenweg

At the intersection of Egerlandstrasse and Fasanenweg, a teardrop-shaped roundabout is being built in the city, which will lead to a new underground car park. During the works, it is expected that the crossing area will be closed until Friday, August 5 (we informed).

During this time, the transition is not possible from either side, not even temporarily. “The temporary crossing during construction work in the area of ​​the intersection has definitely been checked, but it is not possible from a traffic point of view,” explains Ute Raach, manager at the town hall, asked by our newspaper.

The crossing area is part of a total of around ten construction phases in which the city is renewing Egerlandstrasse. As you know, it was demolished to create a public underground car park between the new residential and service buildings of the construction cooperative and savings bank. “All stages of construction are always coordinated with the neighboring construction sites and are particularly closely related to the work of the construction cooperative,” says Managing Director Raach.

Almost all orders for the renovation of Egerlandstrasse have been awarded. “Only landscaping works are still open. The tender is currently being prepared together with the architect Kehrbaum. ‘

The design of the public space is modeled on Karl-Lederer-Platz. The city currently assumes that the renovation costs will amount to approximately EUR 4.3 million. Egerlandstraße should be ready by the end of this year. This is “but a lot dependent on the weather to use colored asphalt,” says Raach. After all, fortunately all materials could be delivered now, “even if in some cases delivery times were significantly extended”.


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