Television: Barbara Schöneberger moderated again “Do you understand the fun?”

Mrs. Schöneberger, as a child, you were a fan of “Do you understand the fun?” And in April you hosted the classic ARD program for the first time. How was it for you?

Well that was great. We wanted to put on an amazing show with a grand opening, dancing, singing and a staircase show, and we basically succeeded. Unfortunately, we initially shipped without sound. I think the problem was the new soundtrack and then something went wrong and Germany, Austria and Switzerland had no sound for six minutes.

What were you thinking at that moment?

At first I didn’t notice anything. During the first movie, my author came over and told me very carefully, “We had a little problem with the sound at first, maybe you could just touch on that.” No, I said nonsense, just because it cracked a little.

It was only gradually that I realized that this was quite a long sonic problem to be solved, and then jokingly said, “The friend who is responsible for the sound is on his way home.” People immediately posted on Instagram: “I think it’s awful how you treat your employees.”

What are the pranks on your second show?

I did a story with Chef Roland Trettl on his “First Dates” show but I won’t go into details, it was supposed to be a surprise. It was great fun! For me, taking part in Do You Know It is like running an evening show, but it also means getting dressed, wearing wigs, making fun of people and doing things you wouldn’t normally do, which is very attractive.

Would you really like to fool your two colleagues from RTL, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk?

Yes! Everyone has to face the worst now. And everyone is already expecting a hidden camera to be lurking somewhere. If service technicians come up to me and say, for example, that the faucet needs to be replaced, they expect water to splash on their faces and I say, “You know you’re kidding?”

Is it still possible to fool outstanding people like you or your colleagues, or are they all too smart?

You can cheat anyone. Due to the technical possibilities, there are many possibilities. In the first show, we told the man in the sleep lab that he was sleepwalking and walked across the allotment garden dressed as Batman. The movies were shot with Deep Fake where his head was mounted on different bodies, it was amazing. It gives a lot to think about what is possible today. But as long as it’s only used for “Are you getting the joke?” It’s okay.

Show the legend by Frank Elstner and moderator Barbara Schöneberger record

Showmaster legend Frank Elstner and moderator Barbara Schöneberger record “Do you understand the fun?”. | Photo: Jens Kalaene / dpa

Frank Elstner, who once moderated “Do you understand the fun?” Is on the second edition’s guest list along with many others. Did he give you directions too?

He’s too restrained and elegant for that. I also think that each decade has its own style of moderation. And frankly speaking, I don’t think “Do you understand fun?” is a difficult program for a moderator: go out, sing, dance, be in a good mood, announce the first guest and watch their movie together. So it rolls merrily.

I don’t need to do much else. This is not really rocket science. The idea, planning and subsequent production of films as well as the composition of the show are time-consuming, but I don’t have much to do with it, it is done by professionals.

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How do you deal with the many sensitivities that exist today? Many quickly feel that they have been stepped on.

Entertainment is always fun when you hit it. I don’t think anyone has to go into show business to be politically correct all the time, no one makes a good evening show without stepping on someone from time to time, mostly unintentionally.

When you always think: if I’m making this or that joke, am I against fat people, against gays, against women? I try to make fun of everyone equally, including myself, and hope that with the approval of the vast majority, I will be able to continue doing so. I also think most people have checked: there are other problems in the world.

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