The 5 best barbecue thermometers in comparison – 2022

When the season starts, the skewers are turned over, the steaks are pickled, and the salads are served like crazy. It doesn’t matter if you are more of a meat lover or your mouth water is drooling when you eat vegetarian food: good Barbecue thermometer always ensures the perfect temperature when preparing food. With us you will find out which models of a clever grill gadget are really worthwhile and what to pay attention to.

The right grill thermometer: it counts

Summer is just around the corner and it practically invites you to kindle the coals in the garden. So it’s no surprise that you are looking for the right grill thermometer that will always provide the right temperature. But the search turns out to be more difficult than it may seem, as barbecue gadgets have many features and functions.

Basically, there are three different types: an analog or digital grill thermometer and a wireless grill thermometer. All three have different advantages and disadvantages that we would like to briefly outline in the following overview:

Barbecue thermometer type characteristics Advantages and disadvantages
Analog no batteries needed + no battery required
+ low price
– imprecise
Digital practical LCD display
time display
battery powered
+ LCD display also visible in the dark
+ precise
+ Alarm signal and timer
– depends on the battery charge level
radio or Bluetooth Temperature transmission to a digital display device
Connection with smartphone possible
battery powered
+ precise
+ saves time while grilling
+ simple operation via the application
– Depends on charging the batteries of two devices at the same time
– higher price

Since the selection of grill thermometers is really large, you should be able to refine your search a bit beforehand. We recommend keeping up with the times and choosing at least a digital grill thermometer. The one with Bluetooth control is even better, so you can step back a few steps from the grill. Even though they are relatively slightly more expensive than their analog counterparts, they are available from around 20 euros.

The 5 best barbecue thermometers in comparison

To ensure that you always reach the desired cooking point, a barbecue thermometer is recommended in any case. But the tastes differ not only in the case of meat and vegetables. For this reason, we have listed below five different grill thermometers for you that you will definitely not regret buying.

# 1 Inkbird IBT-2X

The practical Inkbird Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is designed for almost all types of meat. The measuring range extends from zero to 300 degrees Celsius and has a temperature accuracy of about one degree.

Thanks to the small LCD screen, you can see the temperature of the grilled product, and the data is also sent directly to your smartphone. Just download the BBG GO app, which can be found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (link for Android and iOS).

Price: around 30 euros

# 2 Rösle 25086

The models from the manufacturer Rösle are not a clean plan. With an absolutely simple design that does not contain any frills and can roughly resemble the look of a thermometer for outdoor use, the model comes with some impressive technology.

The temperature range is -20 to 250 degrees Celsius, and the 25086 can also be used to accurately measure indoor temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the illuminated LCD display, you will not be bothered by the dark while grilling, and five pre-programmed cooking points make it easy to enter unnecessary settings.

Price: around 35 euros

# 3 Weber 7220 iGrill mini

There is also a bluetooth grill thermometer from Weber. Thanks to the small and practical iGrill, you have a measuring device with a range of 45 meters that stands out for its simple and stylish design.

The number of degrees is not displayed on the thermometer, but iGrill supports colors that show the current grilling progress. The temperature and all other important data can be found in the application (link for Android and iOS).

Price: around 45 euros

# 4 ThermoPro TP17

The ThermoPro TP17EU is a grill thermometer that, at first glance, makes a relatively unspectacular impression. It resembles an alarm clock radio, but in addition to high accuracy, it has another decisive advantage.

Thanks to the fold-out stand, magnetic back and its own hanging hook, the ThermoPro TP17EU can be easily hung anywhere. The ThermoPro series in general, and the TP16-16S and TP20 models in particular, can be found regularly in the grill thermometer rankings.

Price: around 30 euros

# 5 Meat OSC-MT-MP01

Meater OSC-MT-MP01 is a premium model among the grill thermometers presented by us. It impresses with six cooking levels, several temperature displays, huge range and easy operation and cleaning.

With automatic alarm notifications, you never lose sight of your grill, and the connection to your smartphone gives you enough space for a sweaty grilling session without having to create a grill yourself. Only the price is a bit high.

Price: around 100 euros

Suitable for hobbyists and barbecue professionals

If you are looking for the right grill thermometer for your next garden party, it will certainly serve you well with a model in the 30 euro range. The grill gadgets we present will fulfill every conceivable goal and make your life easier. You no longer need to constantly monitor meat and vegetables, and while grilling on a deckchair, you can enjoy a refreshing cold drink while the thermometer watches over the food.

However, for real barbecue professionals and those who want to become one, the more expensive model is also recommended. It is the different cooking levels, which can be set on multiple appliances, and the precise measurement in seconds in different temperature ranges, that make multiple grill thermometers cost-effective. If you also have the right smart grill, nothing prevents your next barbecue party from being organized.

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