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Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate, or brownie cake, there is now a wide selection of vegan ice cream varieties. The watson editors tested which ones taste best.Photo: / Alvaro Gonzalez

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Summer, sun, sun … the Ice Age has finally begun again! Whether fruit, cream, water or milk ice cream: now there is a wide selection of vegan ice cream flavors. It is not only more environmentally and climate friendly, but also a great alternative for people with lactose intolerance.

But what can vegan ice cream flavors do? Because flavors are known to vary, five testers from the watson editorial team dedicated themselves to testing and evaluating seven vegan ice cream flavors. The criteria were price, appearance, texture of the ice cream and, above all, taste.

For a cup of vegan ice cream you have to pay an average of almost 5 euros.

For a cup of vegan ice cream you have to pay an average of almost 5 euros. photo: watson

Chocolate Oatmeal Fudge

Image: watson

Oatly has several vegan oat-based ice cream on offer, we tested the Chocolate Fudge variation with the editors. A mug with a capacity of 500 milliliters costs 5.99 euros and is therefore more in the higher price segment. The packaging is made entirely of cardboard and is recyclable.

But is the ice cream worth the money? Our editorial team thinks: Overall yes!

“Not too sweet, but chocolate”

“Tastes a bit artificial”

Most of our colleagues loved the chocolate covered oatmeal ice cream. The particularly creamy texture has been praised many times. Friend’s verdict: “He’s got something made of ice cream.” This consistency was also especially important to the manufacturer himself: Oatly explains on his website that he uses a special hydrogenated vegetable fat to produce it.

The appearance of the ice cream has been criticized for being a little light for a chocolate ice cream, but otherwise nothing to complain about. Most found the flavor good to “solid”. The taste of chocolate was particularly well received. Even when warmed up, Oatly Chocolate Fudge behaves like conventional milk ice cream and tastes delicious and is not watery even when half thawed.

Breyer’s Caramel and Pecan

photo: watson

Breyers ice cream with caramel and pecan flavors are clearly in the expensive price segment at 6.49 euros for a 465 ml mugFor which the packaging is already trying to explain: Vegan pea protein ice cream should therefore have “only 293 calories per cup” and contain real pecan pieces. Both the cup and lid should be recycled and recyclable.

“Not too sweet”

“Creamy, a little soy flavor”

“It tastes like speculoos spreads”

All testers did very well in tasting this vegan ice cream: First of all, reducing sugar is pleasing to most people in direct comparison to other types of ice cream. The ice cream tastes like caramel and has a slight hint of cinnamon, the texture is a bit fluffy, but similar to milk ice cream. The crunchy pecan pieces were also positively emphasized.

What stands out: Even after 20 minutes at warm room temperature, the ice had not yet turned into soup. Visually, the caramel-coffee color also appeals to most people. So he gets almost full points – we only deduct half a point for a high price.

Lycka hazelnut

Image: watson

More ice cream, another flavor exploration: hazelnut is one of the most popular types of ice cream in Germany, which is why we tested Lycka’s vegan vanilla spinning chocolate hazelnut: A 500-ml ice bag at Edeka costs 4.99 euros.

“A blast of sugar”

“Very soft and creamy”

“More nut cookies than ice cream”

What our testers noticed right away: the ice cream is more like a cookie dough, it tastes very sweet and is more like vanilla. However, the mixed nut pieces appeal to everyone and also look like regular hazelnut ice cream. The watson editorial testers gave Lycka’s ice cream a total of three points out of five.

Rewe cake

Image: watson

For Watson’s test, the ice cream flavors were also tasted with “more” filling, ie with biscuits, pieces of peanut butter or brownie. It starts with classic Rewe cookie dough vanilla ice cream, Cost: 2.99 euros.

“Just like regular ice cream”

“Perfect for iced coffee”

“Rather cookie-heavy”

Most are pleasantly surprised by the creamy, almost creamy texture: this variety is almost like regular ice cream on the tongue. The taste, however, is more similar to caramel-toffee syrup, for some the pieces of cookies are even a bit too sweet. Otherwise, this ice cream looks a lot like “normal” cookie dough ice cream. Our jury awarded four out of five points.

Strong Chocolate Cake + Vanilla

Image: watson

Unfortunately, there cannot be only winners: Then the Stark branded Cookie Dough ice cream with chocolate vanilla flavor was tasted. A 400 ml cup is available from Edeka for EUR 4.99. The special thing about this ice cream: a whole cup has only 317 calories. This is only about a quarter of comparable ice cream flavors. Certainly great for people who want to follow a low-calorie diet, but the taste of low-calorie ice cream was not well received by our editorial staff.

“It doesn’t taste like ice cream, it tastes like gum”

Colleagues positively assessed the appearance of the ice cream on the entire board, it is attractive in a cup into a chocolate and a vanilla side. Unfortunately, the words of praise ended there. One tester described the taste as “dusty”. Other colleagues described the ice as “total failure” and “permanent zero”.

Netflix and non-dairy cool products

Image: watson

As an almost vegan classic, Ben & Jerry’s Netflix and Chill’d Non-Dairy ice cream were added to our ranking. At a price of 6.49 euros, it is the most expensive in our test along with Breyers ice cream. But instead of being sugar-reduced, it’s fortified with peanut butter, pretzels, and brownie pieces.

“Tastes like a banana”

“Different for pieces of pretzel and peanut butter”

“Not dairy, but artificial, it tastes like hay”

But: Many people like them precisely because of this variety of additives, but some consider the texture of the ice cream itself too artificial – here soy milk stands out as a substitute. After 20 minutes, the consistency of ice cream is more similar to porridge, so it’s better to eat it well chilled. Our watson jury gave this variety three points, one point deducted for a slightly weird texture after a short time, and another point for artificial flavor.

Edeka Peanut Butter and Cookies

Image: watson

The Edeka own brand includes vegan ice cream with peanut butter and cookies. A 500 milliliter cup is available there for € 2.99 and is much cheaper than most other vegan ice cream flavors. Almond-based ice cream contains larger chips and frozen pieces of peanut butter, as well as very small cookie crumbs that one tester initially mistook for poppy seeds.

“Weird, a bit brittle”

“It doesn’t taste like anything good and it’s too sticky”

This ice cream is a good example: good intentions don’t equal well done. The ambitious flavor combination was only moderately well received by the editors. It has been criticized that there are a lot of ingredients in the ice cream – but the ice cream itself has been neglected. The consistency was “creamy but had too many chunks,” said a colleague.

Another tester says the ice cream is “caramel nutty” but less creamy than, for example, other vegan varieties of ice cream. Overall, Edeka peanut butter ice cream scores three out of five.

Test winners and losers

Our conclusion from the ice test: Stark Choco + Vanilla Cookie Dough was the worst, mainly because of the taste – all testers agreed.

The watson editorial team has tested a wide variety of vegan ice cream flavors for you.

The watson editorial team has tested a wide variety of vegan ice cream flavors for you. Image: watson

In turn, for our editorial office, the winners were Breyers Caramel & Pecan, followed by Chocolate Fudge from Oatly and Vanilla Cookie Dough from Rewe. In the end, it’s all a matter of taste, but one thing’s for sure: There are definitely some delicious vegan alternatives to milk ice cream!

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