Climate protection is fun and fun


ALSFELD / KOMARY (ol). “We want to come out of the climate crisis together and we want to do it cleverly, intelligently and a lot of fun!” This is the common denominator of the members of the Klimafairein for the first summer camp for climate protection in Upper Hesse, which will be held in August from 22 to 24 at the Eckmannshain camp held in Vogelsberg.

The climate crisis is on everyone’s lips and sometimes you don’t hear it anymore: coal power plants, cars and factories are blowing too much CO2 into the air, while forests and biodiversity are disappearing at the same time. Headlines about scandals with litter and microplastics reaching all the way to the Arctic, and reports of heavy rains, floods and droughts leave us depressed. Stop.

The climate camp is designed and managed by Nicole Hahn, member of the board of klimafaireins and graduate student in the environmental engineering department of THM Gießen, along with a whole range of volunteers from the association who deal with climate education, sustainable action and climate protection in everyday life for a long time. Also on board is the managing director of the association, Dr. Sabine Schmalz, an experienced lecturer of scientific topics in the field of education of children and youth herself. Together, they offer young people aged 13 to 16 three days filled to the brim with meaningful and fun activities.

“The most important thing for us is to offer an open and inclusive space for all 13-16 year olds who are interested in climate protection and want to learn more about it”, Nicole Hahn invites everyone interested. It does not matter if someone is already an expert on climate protection issues or is just starting to think about it. The first assumption of the summer camp: it should be as neutral to the climate as possible – the maximum CO2 emissions are set, and everything above should be compensated by a campaign of planting trees.

Workshops, night walks and much more

Many different offers during these days, broken down into action, workshops and adventures, will turn you into a climate expert. “The workshops are held on topics related to energy, nutrition, water and (plastic) waste, and are led by climate experts, most of whom come from the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Gießen,” says Gesa Francksen from Klimafairein. program.

“In the afternoons, many of the volunteer mentors offer various activities such as operating a solar cooker or visiting a bathing biotope. Other workshops teach about batik, paper-making and debating, says Francksen. “You can see: there is something for every interest, every talent and every age group.”

In the evening, a night hike is planned and of course a bonfire with bread on a stick. During the day, there are many tips for a more climate-friendly everyday life. “We really thought of everything”, is certain Christin Krakau from the organization team: “After all, there is still plenty of free time to make friends and exchange ideas, the food comes from the region, is vegetarian or vegan, and there is always a point of contact on the spot, so that parents can sleep well. ” Anyone with the time and the will can also discover the Fair Selling Cart and the “not wrapped” principle behind it.

“It’s important that we approach climate protection in a relaxed and fun way,” concludes Francksen: “We just want to show you how cool climate protection is, and that you don’t have to give up on fun if you act in a climate-conscious way.

If you want to participate or are looking for more information for your child, you can find it on the Klimafairein website. At you will find much more information, registration methods, and inquiries. More information on Klimafairein can also be found on the association’s website at

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