Corona will also shape the Meßstetten police statistics in 2021

The deputy head of the police station, Sven Groß, presented the figures at the last meeting of the city council and thanked all the offices and facilities that can be relied upon in the daily work of the police: these include the relevant municipal offices and the shipyard and fire department building.

No major events and lots of conditions

The coronation pandemic and blockade shaped social interactions across Germany in 2020. The ban on leaving home and withdrawing from private life was reflected in police statistics. Even in 2021, big events were unthinkable because the conditions for the events were there. In short, Corona has also had a big impact on people’s lives in the past year – affecting the number of accidents and crime.

The number of accidents is reduced

“We can be satisfied,” commented Sven Groß. Accidents increased slightly in the Zollernalb district, with four fatalities. In Meßstetten, on the other hand, the number of accidents dropped from 66 in 2020 to 57 in 2021. And again after 2020, the police inspector was relieved to note that no one was killed. There were 20 injured, three were seriously injured. Most of the accidents still happen on the busy L 433 and in Appental. However, there are no focal points on both roads that indicate a cumulation of collisions, Groß said on request.

detectability decreases

The number of criminal offenses fell from 228 to 220. However, the police were only able to clarify 136 cases, which is reflected in the number of cases completed, which fell from 66.7% to 61.8%. The main reason lies in the area of ​​cybercrime, which is hard to track down from a local post. Police investigations in this area are also carried out by specialized departments.

No hotspots

Police identified 123 (2020: 157) suspects, including ten teenagers (previous year 13), 16 young people (previous year 14) and six children (previous year four). A detailed look at the subgroups reveals that 98 crimes have occurred in the main city, at least three in Hossingen and Unterdigisheim each. A sharp drop from 40 to 23 was recorded in Bueloch. There are no hotspots in the city, emphasized Groß.

House of Runaway Soldiers

Geißbühl, specifically the home of the former soldiers, again caused the protruding point. Although uninhabited, burglaries had already occurred there in 2020, and graffiti sprayers were also in operation. Nine crimes are included in the 2020 statistics, 13 in 2021. According to Sven Groß, some young people use this area as a meeting place.

Neither murder nor homicide

Compared to five years, the number of crimes fell from 618 in 2017 to 220 in 2021. In statistics, 2017 is still a year from the LEA period. Theft, fraud, threats and fights: a whole range of crimes have been registered in Meßstetten. 20 crimes against sexual self-determination are hit in numbers.

© Police

220 crimes were committed in Meßstetten in 2021.

These acts took place primarily in digital media by sending and possessing the appropriate images. In 2021, there was no murder or homicide, and no burglaries were reported.

Still a male domain

Data from Meßstetten confirms that crime is still “male”: 97 men committed the crime last year, 26 were women. Last year, the police identified 90 German and 33 foreign criminals. At the time of the LEA, the situation was different: in 2017, there were 182 suspected foreigners and 96 crimes committed by citizens with a German passport.

Safe environment

Per 100,000 inhabitants, Meßstetten has a suspect load of 1254 for 2021. Value for Zollernalb County is 1705, for Baden-Württemberg is 2110. There is no perfect world anywhere, but the Meßstetters still live in a safe environment, Sven Groß told local councils the good news, to take with you.

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