Great praise for the Black Forest Club – Laufenburg

The local group Laufenburg celebrates its 100th anniversary / Hans Joachim Mller is an honorary member.

. The 100th anniversary of the Laufenburg Schwarzwald Association was celebrated extraterritorial in Murg, in the historic Zechenwiler Hotzenhaus. County Governor Martin Kistler praised the great hiking trails around Laufenburg and promised to wear hiking boots and accompany the pennant next year on his way to Emmendingen, another location for the annual general meeting.

The Laufenburg Schwarzwald Association maintains lively contacts with the French partner city of Laufenburg, Le Croisic in Brittany. Stphanie Thoby, Chairwoman of the Partnership Committee, came to Laufenburg specifically for the anniversary celebrations and symbolized her close ties to the Black Forest Association, as Ines Zeller emphasized in her speech. Mayor Ulrich Krieger described the Black Forest Association as “the cornerstone of twinning”, which has contributed significantly to strengthening the ties between the twin towns. Heidi Fuchs and Jürgen Ster were awarded a bronze medal of honor by the Schwarzwald Association in Laufenburg for their many years of commitment to Franco-German friendship. Chairwoman Zeller praised the great commitment of the distinguished persons who maintained the long tradition of trips to the partner city. Hans-Joachim Mller was awarded honorary membership as a long-standing tourist guide in absentia.

Meinrad Joos, president of the Black Forest Main Club, presented the new bench as a birthday present. In his speech, Joachim Weidler, president of the neighboring club Albbruck, proudly looked back at the 100-year-old child as a kind of “midwife” – club Laufenburg grew out of the club in Albbruck.

The celebration was a cozy community. Numerous guests at the anniversary celebrations could also count on an active accompanying program with three adventure stations. Young nature photographer Elias Hepfer from Altenheim showed impressive photos from the Black Forest at the exhibition. At the forest hut from the forest with Manuel Ngele, the forest inspector, the guests could see how the forest was ticking. Georg Kirschbaum from the Zechenwiler Hotzenhaus association showed the visitors around a historic house in the Black Forest. Cabaret artist Volkmar Staub welcomed the jubilee guests in a friendly manner. The band “Really Best Friends” provided a successful musical setting.

In the morning, there was a congress of delegates from the entire association. Meinrad Joos stated that the most important issue for the Black Forest association as a whole is to attract new members and break with traditional management structures. “Membership is declining, the German Tourism Association has seen a decline of ten percent in the last five years,” Joos said in front of around 250 members out of 101 of the 200 local associations. This does not apply to the local group Laufenburg. Overall, the Laufenburgs were able to present themselves in a good position with a local association that, thanks to a vibrant family group, can welcome many young members to the management team – Jareem Khawaja, vice-chairman, is 19 and one of the youngest in the cabinet. “With consistently over 300 members, we cannot complain about the lack of members,” says President Ines Zeller with satisfaction.

Meinrad Joos also presented awards on this occasion. From the region honored were: Hans-Martin Schmidt from Schwrstadt a gold medal of honor, Gebhard Baumgartner from Laufenburg a silver medal.

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