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Volvo’s first all-electric crossover! And because Volvo has always cared about the environment in its models in its own way, there is no skin in the C40, the most expressive compact electric vehicle we’ve tested to date. Stylish.

The lid for each pot was a clear post-war motto. The consumer dictates what happens and buys where he can best fulfill his wishes – whether they make sense or nonsense. So you have to have the courage to drop your anchor and consciously give up your customers in order to follow the self-imposed guideline, while other manufacturers keep mumbling. This started with a two-liter displacement limitation on all models, where in other homes the V8 happily sipped the tank, and continued at a top speed limited to 180 km / h ex factory. And now comes the first premium vehicle that no longer has leather as a term in the program and is otherwise designed with sustainability in mind. Hats off.

Stylish, environmentally friendly and fully equipped

Silhouette: compact, strong, elegant. The roof slopes harmoniously to the rear, the C-pillar blends in sexy with the fender section. The vertical LED rear lights underline this division and form a filigree frame. The effective airflow at the end of the roof is also pleasant: a big hit!

Interior: Volvo sets an example here by choosing environmentally friendly materials.

Leatherless: The customer can choose from high-quality fabrics or, for example, a mix of imitation leather and Microtech. The former looks like smooth leather, the latter consists of velvety, roughened seat surfaces such as Alcantara – a racing feeling, very comfortable, breathable and delicately contrasted with the white seams. The carpets – optionally in black or Fjord Blue – are partly made of recycled material.

“Topography”: There are also illuminated decorative inserts on the dashboard and in the doors. A very pleasant and beautiful twilight accent – with a subtle contour pattern of the Swedish Abisko mountain landscape. 413 liters are available in the trunk for those who like to load, up to 1205 liters when folded. Google services provide a connectivity and navigation platform (the latter with a 23cm screen with a fully digital driver display), while Volvo updates are broadcast wirelessly. Needless to say, Volvo offers everything that is currently possible in the field of assistance systems.

single or twin?

Driveline: choose between “single” or “dual” – 231hp or 408hp. And that means you can reach 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds or in absolutely sporty 4.7 seconds. If you choose Twin, you also have all-wheel drive on the rear axle, a slightly larger battery with 75 instead of 67 kWh and 449 km (according to WLTP) also 14 km more range. At 2,185 kilograms, the all-wheel drive weighs approximately 140 kilograms more. For 100 kilometers, our test vehicle needed 16 kW to around 50 km / h, 19 kW to 100 km / h and 23 kW to 130 km / h (range followed by 470/400/330 km respectively).

full power

The Sledgehammer: If you choose Twin you will get a real monster. A twin would also be able to accelerate to 100 km / h faster, but the Volvo clearly holds the horses when moving off because it just has too many of them. Put on the gas: Pressure like on a roller coaster. The torque of 660 Nm is always and above all immediately available. If you bring up the power here, you will eventually be working again in the seat of your car. Brutal, inspirational and – quite frankly – so unexpected, because the project is a real understatement. To give you an idea, imagine a Golf GTI from your youth. It has the power.

“So green, so natural, so alive”

Now imagine it has a supercharged 350hp engine installed. This is what your test drive will look like, just without a second to remember while accelerating. Powerful 660Nm of torque is instant and it jumps right into your seat, and because it’s available at all revs, it also absorbs the vehicle’s weight – at least when it’s going to go forward. It’s up to you how you use your Volvo: smooth and fuel-efficient, or powered by a muscle car. It can both and is by far the most interesting compact concept: so “green”, so natural, so alive.

Pure power in Volvo

We are curious where else Volvo will place this power plant. It accelerates almost linearly to 180 km / h, then it is limited and the passenger can breathe easily again.
You can experience the pleasures of Volvo’s ecological approach from 48 850 euros with a single engine, the twin starts from 56 850 euros – pure power.


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