The best is the last one: the FM4 stage at the Danube Island Festival

The sun is shining yellow and the FM4 duck rivals the big acts on the FM4 stage on the third day of the Danube Island festival.

by Alica Ouschan

The best is the last – the last day of the three-day Danube Island Festival, where the largest stage on the island is the FM4 yellow duck. It’s over 30 degrees, guests are melting, many are still on the Danube and not on the island when the FM4 stage opens. A few brave ones will dare to go out into the scorching afternoon sun in sunglasses, a hat and a cold drink.

At the Danube Festival, Island has a long tradition where young local musicians can present themselves to the general public on the FM4 stage. So is today the winner of the Rock The Island Contest, Zelda Weber, who starts the day with her great band with an even better name (“The Rosetts”) and a beautiful, sophisticated, yet witty set. Another newcomer follows her: with the dance rapper Lawrenco, the bass is turned up, the stage shakes, and in front of her the kids jump enthusiastically to the beat.

This is to die for

Cloudpopstar Verified has an equally much bass, but a bit more solid mood. She also invited JKB and YUGO to the stage to sing together. However, these are not the stars of the stars, but Verified, which is why the space in front of the stage is slowly filled with curious music lovers, guests on the island and loyal fans. “Two years ago, I started making music like this,” says Verified.

Verified and friends
live on September 30 in Flex, Vienna

“A year and a half ago, my song first appeared on the radio. And now I’m standing here. He seems unable to believe that he is standing on a stage that is “four times the size of my living room”. Verified not only convinces with its captivating presence and impressively high level of professionalism, but of course also with its creepy voice, whether the songs are about being alone, smoking tea or bubble tea.

The FM4 stage in Donauinselfest is also the largest stage ever played by the local hip-hop / pop group Sharktank. “But it can’t be bigger anyway, we’re already very far apart,” says Marco Kleebauer in an interview before the show. However, the distance between the band members, whose number has been increased from three to five per concert, ensures that the concept of white dungarees against the backdrop of a quiet yet penetrating image really works. The band is also growing stronger, captivating the people of the island with not only technical skills, but also proximity to the audience and excellent songs.

The price is hot

Meanwhile, the FM4 stage has gotten quite crowded, people seem to be attracted by the yellow duck from all sides. There are more and more shaded places, the sun does not burn so much. But the next act is ready to warm up the audience properly. The incredibly great Eli Preiss not only delivers one hit after another, he throws out cute songs and blatant punch lines, mixing the Viennese rap scene with them. She is also very good at dancing, not afraid to go on stage in full swing and encourage her fans to do the same.

Eli Preiss also invited a guest who, thanks to the restless, energetic nature of his performance, takes the energy to a new level. “Hot Lead” is the name of the banger Eli Preiss i Salò, which comes in really nice, depending on the weather. Live, the lyrics by Eli Preiss works in a completely new way – one song in particular, which also has something to do with heat, as per the motto, lures the cheeky Eli Preiss, who does not mince words: “This is what people who feel attacked look like. through the song, ”says Eli at the end of“ Glowing Hot Desert, ”rubbing her eyes and mimicking a howl. The performance was perfect.

Everything is yellow

You can sit down later and take a short break. But on this day there is not much time to catch your breath as one event follows another. The next act almost belongs to the inventory of the FM4 scene on Donauinselfest, and has been taking place in our yellow hearts for many years. So it’s good that after the opening song “Leaving” Mavi Phoenix starts dusk with an older hit “Yellow”. Marlon is clearly emotional, touched by the many people standing in front of him and his team. “It’s fun to play in Vienna,” he repeats again and again.

Even if you’ve seen Mavi Phoenix live several times, his concerts are always a unique experience. Finally, because the combination of older, heavy hip-hop songs with the current guitar flair – which of course the band also contributes – just fits perfectly. When Mavi’s guitarist Oskar plays solo on the electro-pop song “Bite,” and the band’s concentrated power tears the songs around your ears, you almost regret that Mavi Phoenix soon released the album, “Best of,” which would include all the old songs on it in the current ones. new concert versions.

Meanwhile, the fact that these versions can only be experienced live makes the concert even more special. The Mavi Phoenix set is full of unique moments. Perhaps the best part is that he raises a rainbow flag in front of Grass and Sun: “It’s still Pride Month,” he says and, “I wrote this song in a time when I was not doing well. It’s probably the song on the album that touched the most people, and that in turn touched me deeply. ” The song is one of the most emotional and beautiful moments of the day.

The island man and his disco

The evening is not over yet, many, many people with instruments, cables, decorations and other things run onto the stage, running at dizzying speeds to get everything ready for the headliner. Jan Delay is with his complete Disko No. I arrived, sunglasses are on the face, hat is on my head. The whole orchestra, choristers and Mr. Disko himself are on the stage. So far, at the latest, the area in front of the stage and all the way to the rear is filled with enthusiastic Jan Delay fans.

They dance and sing as much as they can, and the entertainment industry professional keeps them entertained. For Jan Delay, his appearance at the Danube Island festival is also something special, as he explains in an interview: “I am definitely a true island man,” he says. “I find the islands so great because they are surrounded by water and it is ubiquitous.” The good atmosphere at the Jan Delay concert is also omnipresent, the islanders are scooping up Sunday’s last energy and giving it their all. In accordance with the motto “Earth Wind & Celebrations”, Jan Delay recommends drinking a drink with ice cubes at the concert – in such a hot heat you have to somehow cool down.

When the last tones of disco fail. I disappear and the visitors’ tired, flattened feet * are slowly coming home, away from the island, back to real life, they are already doing it with great anticipation to get back to that hot, yellow and beautiful next year Returning to the FM4 day utopia at the festival Danube Island.

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