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The Bundesliga starts the new season on August 24. We test sticks in our series. Lot 4: SC Freiburg.

What has improved?

Definitely the account balance in Freiburg. On Thursday evening, Leicester City confirmed the transfer of center-back Caglar Söyüncü to the island. The Turkish international, as a loser athlete for SC Freiburg, is said to bring the club € 21 million. Nevertheless, SC fans need not be afraid, as the managers from Freiburg have put a lot of quality into the squad. Despite his departure, Söyüncü improved accordingly. Coach Christian Streich would say, “We’re not completely unsexy.” In addition to Söyüncü, legacy issues such as Aleksandar Ignjowski and Karim Guédé were handed out. The departure of center-back Marc-Oliver Kempf (VfB Stuttgart) and longtime retired captain Julian Schuster will hurt. However, he remains in the SC as a “liaison trainer” and in the future he will deal with cooperation between young people and professionals. So that should also improve.

Who are the newbies?

Apart from the two home-grown players from the other team and four players whose loans have expired, SC actually got a good deal. HSV forward Luca Waldschmidt paid five million, three for Dominique Heintz from Cologne. Much for SC, not much in the international comparison. Or, as Streich would say, “We are motivated to do things differently from those who just open their wallets.” Philipp Lienhart was hired by Real Madrid after last season’s loan and Jerome Gondorf was from Bremen. In the end, Freiburg filled all the positions that had been opened by departures.

Who’s the Boss?

By the way, of course, Christian Streich, by far the longest-serving Bundesliga coach, has been responsible for Breisgau since 2011. Nothing has changed in this. However, a slight vacuum was created on the pitch due to the end of Schuster’s career. The longest-serving professional is Nicolas Höfler from Freiburg. Otherwise it would be the 31-year-old eldest on the team, Mike Frantz and of course Nils Petersen. All without real speakers. But the past has also shown that Freiburg does not need them. And this season, the head coach himself will take on the task of knocking. Contrary to his earlier words: “You are always changing because you have a metabolism. You’re not dead. “

What do fans expect?

As a reminder, we are talking about SC Freiburg here. A club that made it clear years ago that it wants to be one of the top 22 football clubs in Germany. Each season of the Bundesliga is a highlight in Breisgau. There is probably no club in Germany that is more prone to understatement. Also with the coach (“Quality of Peter Stöger, you won’t experience it here. I can live to be 100 years old. I’ll never be as cool as him”) and in the stands. Staying in the league is expected like every year, everything else is a bonus. Overall, the fans start the season feeling good: the team seems to be more dangerous, the moves are a bit simpler, the young players have gained experience and have improved as a result. It seems to be true on Dreisam. By the way, people also think so in Google reviews: a smooth five stars for the Freiburg River.

What’s possible this season?

Streich would say, “I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. If I knew that, it would be terrible. ” We say: more than last year, when SC had to tremble with a decline to shortly before the end. So much is already certain. The impression of the fans can be confirmed, the people responsible cleverly strengthened the line-up. Dominique Heintz was a particularly good fit and will be important for the opening of the game. Last season, Freiburg had the league’s second worst offense (despite Nils Petersen); They also scored it in Breisgau: rigorous offensive football and the Waldschmidt new alternative up front. 58 goals in seven friendly matches speak for themselves. This is probably not enough for a big hit towards the European Cup. But a safe season without much to worry about and a tenth-place finish after 34 games is definitely possible.

And otherwise?

Unlike Dreisam, SC itself doesn’t have the absolute top rating on Google, but just 4.6 stars. Opinions are divided: “Always great … calm audience, affordable sausage and beer” and “Bad treatment by security guards, police, etc.”. Our recommendation: it’s best to take the photo yourself. By car, the distance from Berlin to Freiburg is only around 809 kilometers – the longest trip in the league.

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