Dusseldorf: Rheinkirmes is expensive fun

Due to the increased rent for stands, showmen at the Rhine fair have to raise their prices. Nevertheless, many visitors are expected in Düsseldorf.

The first rides of Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen are already on site, soon more attractions and beer and festival tents. Then everything is ready for the Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes, which starts on July 15 and could be held again until July 24 after a two-year Corona hiatus.

“ We are delighted to be able to host the largest festival in the state capital once again, ” says Lothar Inden, head of the shooting club and organizer of the St. Sebastianus. Along with the largest fair on the Rhine, the rifle and homeland club festival is also held in Oberkassel. Planning for this is “in full swing,” Inden said at a press conference at the Altstadt-Hotel De Medici.

Many members of the shooting club helped with the organization and planning of the Rhenish fair, emphasizes the fair architect, Thomas König. In addition, the shooting events follow the tradition of the nine festival days: “There is no fair without shooting,” says König. Nevertheless, in the face of the pandemic and the related regular changes in regulations, for a long time there was no certainty about planning whether a trade fair could even take place: “We did not make planning easier for ourselves. But it was important for us to wait as long as possible for the legislation currently in force in July. ‘

As a result, “there were about two to three months to prepare.” Now the fair can be held without restrictions, the safety concept has already been presented to the city and the police. The fact that the number of crowns in Düsseldorf is now rising again does not make the trade fair architect frown: “People in Düsseldorf crave entertainment. You can see it when you look at the old town or at Rammstein and Tote Hosen concerts in the arena. And when Japan Day was held in May as usual, we decided we could take the remaining risks. “

Four million visitors expected

And as many of the events in Düsseldorf attract a lot of people again, Thomas König hopes the Rheinkirmes will have an attractive effect: “With other outdoor events we are sure we will get a lot of encouragement from visitors.” approximately four million visitors are expected, but these numbers “are of course also dependent on the weather.”

Despite all the expectations, the last two years have left their mark on the showmen. The lack of staff and semiconductors is also noticeable in the planning of the fair and the pricing of journeys, so visitors have to dig deeper into their pockets: “Unfortunately, we will not be able to maintain the prices from 2019. Rides are getting more and more expensive, but only moderately, ”explains Thomas König. This is due to the increase in rents for showmen. For cost reasons, the ride operators did not cancel the booking, but “because either there were too few staff or spare parts were available”.

However, König cannot say how high the prices will ultimately be. After all, it is a matter for each showman separately. I don’t want to accuse the operators of the fact that fun at the fair is now expensive. “The past two years have been tough on the industry and have resulted in a lot of loss in revenue.” And without the income from showmen, the Rhine fair would not be possible. Therefore, higher prices are not additional revenues, reveals Thomas König: “We are finally happy when we are in the black.”

this Rheinbahn will increase its frequency during the Rheinkirmes (from 15 to 24 July). The U74, U75, U76 and U77 trams stop every two minutes during rush hour place to lie down go to Oberkassel. The U70 will also be extended for the fair to Luegplatz on the Oberkasseler Bridge. During the week the trains run until 1 am, and on weekends until 4 am. More information at www.rheinbahn.de

This fair fireworks On July 22, due to Fortuna Düsseldorf’s first home game against SC Paderborn (18:30), the event will be postponed and the start will be changed 23 o’clock. This is to prevent bottlenecks on arrival.

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