Galaxy is back in the game

The beginning of the season has sobered up for the Frankfurt Galaxy by two defeats. But after two convincing victories and the return of Jakeb Sullivan, the world in Mainhattan looks different again.

The current champions arrived in the 2022 season. A convincing 48:12 victory over the previously ambitious Cologne Centurions wiped out all remaining question marks. Galaxy returns to the game at ELF Bowl 2022. The team of champion coach Thomas Kösling turned the helm just in time – but the team from Frankfurt cannot afford any more mishaps; the play-off race is fierce.

Jakeb Sullivan recorded 16 of 23 passes for 220 yards and three touchdowns in his statistics. Touchdown 24 He placed him first in the quarterback in Frankfurt before the season began, but a rib injury in the first leg against Düsseldorf Rhein Fire prevented the 27-year-old from playing in an away game against Vienna Vikings. Without Sullivan, Frankfurter lost their second defeat in the second game of the season in Vienna – all the more fierce with the Vikings, after all, it is about the division crown and thus a safe ticket to the play-offs.

They fought hard for the playoffs

Overall, the stars weren’t good for the Galaxy in the first weeks of the season. In addition to Sullivan, passing defenders Simon Otto and Falk Reuter were injured, and runner Gennadiy Adams and O-Liner Lars Hampel have already finished the season with serious injuries. But despite all the unfavorable conditions, the Kösling people did get back on their feet. In the third week there was a very convincing first victory of the season with the Wrocław Panthers 47:13. Another exclamation point came in Cologne – Panthers and Centurions are the play-off semi-finalists from the previous season.

And the outlook for the coming weeks looks good. While Frankfurt has to leave three times in the next four games, duels against Tirol Raiders as well as Stuttgart Surge and Wrocław Panthers seem possible – there is also a second home game against Cologne in front of their own audience. this is probably a place against the Vikings of Vienna in the home of one of the Central Division. Another defeat to Vienna and Frankfurt has to hope to qualify as the best runner-up to the play-offs, which is not easy in a long-range match against South Division teams – so far both Barcelona Dragons and Düsseldorf Rhein Fire also show the play-off ambitions. A second victory against Cologne can also be decisive for a long-range duel.

Novice Reece Horn has already sniffed the NFL air

Hopefully the rematch against the Vikings will take place with Sullivan, and then the cards in this duel will at least be reshuffled. Sullivan can already hope for new – and significant – in-game support next weekend in Innsbruck with the Raiders. Galaxy enhanced with Reece Horn. The wide receiver went to the Tennessee Titans in 2016, but was released just before the season started. Since then, Horn has repeatedly played in the best leagues around the world, including Milano Seamen in Italy, Memphis Express in the AAF, and Tampa Bay Vipers in the XFL. With the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals, he has not made it past training camps in consecutive NFL attempts and is now bringing a bit of the NFL to the ELF.

Spicy: Horn had his best season in 2017 wearing a Viennese Viking jersey in the AFL. Back then, he had 50 catches of 771 yards and 16 touchdowns in just 12 games. Soon he has to face Frankfurt against the Vikings in a showdown.

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