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Then it still is RexMD. It’s a company that discreetly supplies sexual enhancers to people in white envelopes. Advertising for this is currently broadcast on a US TV station OAN, during a documentary about Donald Trump, which is more flattery than journalistic work. Or Superbeets, a company that sells jelly beans as a dietary supplement Fox News in Tucker Carlson, during which he made complaints about climate activists and gun laws.

This is not the case now, and it is important to know the difference. Companies can advertise in any environment. So if the potency pill company believes, especially the many interested people below OAN– To find viewers and then advertise them there. But what if the company trusts intermediaries that they will find the right platforms for the desired target group and it turns out that the advertising can only be seen among the conspiracy myths? Or finally money OAN and Fox News Earth?

The non-profit organization set itself the task of checking if this is the case Check out my ads (in German: check my ads) did the job. He wants to ensure transparency in the advertising jungle and take action against the undesirable funding of obvious false reports. After several successes, a new, clear goal emerged: Fox News.

Fake news sites are said to receive two billion dollars a year from intermediaries

To understand what is happening, you should know how often the distribution of advertising money on the Internet works: A company wants to put an ad on the Internet but cannot afford to negotiate with site operators due to budgetary constraints. For this there are intermediaries from which Google is the most powerful. You can now blindly trust Google, which is rarely a good idea, or set your ad placement preferences. However, this in no way guarantees that Google will implement these requirements as well, as 90 percent of ads are automatically placed.

Example: Steve Bannon, Darth Vader among the right-wing populist provocateurs, is considered in the advertising industry not least because of his close ties to Donald Trump as a person on whose platforms advertising is rather fragile. His company The true voice of America it’s a veritable cornucopia of false reporting, just: Belongs to a group with a casual name Performance One Mediawhich includes three other weather, fishing and hunting channels, infographics. It says in the description The true voice of Americathat it is “the country’s first audience-led information platform.” There is not a word about Bannon.

Objective Check out my ads is to inform companies that their advertising money goes to Bannon and other enthusiasts such as Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck. According to a study by analytical companies NewsGuard and comscore Fake news websites make over $ 2 billion a year thanks to money thrown into them by intermediaries. To date, many middlemen have ruled out the worst conspiracy theorists, and that now leads directly to it Fox News.

Anyone who advertises on a TV channel knows exactly what they are doing, and you will notice that there are no really big names anymore like it was a few years ago. Here’s a list of advertisers at Tucker Carlson Wednesday night: ready meals, beard trimming, painkillers touted by right-wing populist Larry Elder, and of course pillows by My pillow guy Mike Lindell. He still publicly claims he can prove Donald Trump lost the 2020 election just because of a fraud.

Just: What you can see on Fox News is also shown on the station’s YouTube channel, there are also commercials. Advertisers have repeatedly said they don’t want to finance the violence, says Claire Atkin, founder of Check My Ads. “So it’s heartbreaking to see ad money keep pouring into Fox News.”

He accuses the media group of inciting and supporting the storming of the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2021 and not even reporting on the investigation at the moment. Patriot Purge.

Fox News is a tightrope walker on the brink of legitimate hoax

Fox News condemns the initiative Check out my ads in expression as censorship and an attack on the right to freedom of speech, and know that alone Check out my ads does not necessarily work to ensure that no fake news platform gets more advertising money, but rather targets targeted actions against right-wing populism. The strategy is not to call on people to boycott advertisers, but to put more pressure on those who donate advertising money to often ignorant companies to right-wing populist conspiracy theorists – with success: Google e.g. the Bongino website has been removed, OpenX those of Beck and Yahoo were dropped Performance One Media.

Current goal: no more money for online advertising for Fox News platforms. It will not be easy, because the media group is a master at rope walking on the verge of legitimate false reports. If necessary, she argues in court that no one in their right mind can take for truth what Tucker Carlson puts out of his mouth every night. Second: not only Fox Newsbut also a powerful parent company Fox. It is hard to despise him.

Even if successful, it is questionable whether Fox News will be really hit by a successful initiative. Online advertising revenue makes up less than five percent of the profits. The lion’s share is still generated by the TV station advertising potency pills, painkillers, and of course My pillow guy – who just came back from Twitter was banned because he was spreading his stories of alleged electoral fraud on a new account.

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