Naturalists and cute llamas: book tips for the summer

Comic book or travel guide: summer vacation – that means a lot of reading time! These six new children’s books are perfect for the warm season.

What a luck! Holidays! Finally sleeping, doing nothing, eating ice cream, sitting up late and reading piles of books. We have selected six beautiful books for you. Also included are two books to keep you in shape for your adventures at your fingertips!

To the top with a pug and a cat

Have you just learned to read, do you like comics, or maybe you spend holidays in the mountains with your family? Then “Mops and Kätt discover the mountains” comes just in time. In it you will find out what surprises the mountain world has to offer. Pug and Kätt are friends and they are very different. The pug dog likes it cozy, while the cat Kätt is looking for an adventure. During their mountain hike with ibex, Urs, they discover alpine roses and whistling marmots. They also experience how the cheese is made. But then Pug and Kätt accidentally fall into the crevice. And now?

Pollis big A summer surprise

Llamas are the nicest and coolest pets. At least that’s what Polli thinks. The nine-year-old hopes to get it from her grandmother during the summer vacation. She also always wants to feed him well, go for a walk and practice crazy tricks. And then ride the lama to school! Polli could only jump for joy. But everything turns out differently than expected. “Better lama!” it is fun and full of colorful illustrations.

chewing gum made of spruce resin

Why do forks help locate clean water? How to make pink spruce resin gum? And how can you make the seeds jump? The practical book “50 Secrets of Nature and Outdoor Adventures – Explore, Have Fun and Discover” answers these questions. There are many photos and drawings. In addition, the handy book fits well in your backpack, so you can easily take it with you on trips. You don’t have to travel far to experience the adventure. The book was written by Peter Wohlleben, the most famous German forester.

become one outdoor professional

Tours are one thing. But being in the wilderness for long periods of time, such as several days and nights, is different. In that case, The Outdoor Explorer’s Guide – Knowledge, Tips and Survival Tricks for the Outdoors is the perfect guide. Prefer to only be outdoors for a few hours? No problem. Even then, you’ll have the most important basics for an exciting safari at your fingertips. For example, what to do when a water bottle is empty. Or if there is a storm or you are hurt.

Where it is? forest pot of gold?

Here is the volume that has everything it takes to become your favorite book. “Our summer at the lake” tells the story of Agda, Nick and Juli. They spend their holidays with their father in a quiet house by the lake. Sounds boring at first. But the siblings are drawn into a real crime thriller with scary events, scary secrets and a treasure hunt. Moreover, Nick disappears. You tremble and wonder. But there is always something to laugh about.

A real gang sticks together

“There are things that are forbidden, but still good,” is one Tanne of the Barefoot Gang. This includes, for example, kidnapping a gang member so he doesn’t have to go back to his hometown.

Adults don’t think it’s great. But lose another gang member? This is out of the question for a group of five of friends.

The escape turns out to be successful and adventurous – were it not for the suspicious grandmother of the detective and the whistling lumberjack. This book is exciting and there is much to discover in the pictures.

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