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Press release: Leonteq starts working with Ixios


Zurich, June 28, 2022

Leonteq enters into a new partnership with Ixios Asset Management (Ixios) for the exclusive distribution of Ixios funds and the launch of a number of thematic AMCs.

As part of a long-term strategy to expand the thematic investment universe, Leonteq agreed with Ixios to exclusively distribute the entire range of Ixios funds in Switzerland and selected EEA countries. Thanks to this partnership with Ixios, Leonteq clients have access to a specialized range of thematic UCITS (UCITS) funds for only a long time, such as:

  • Ixios Golda global equity fund that invests in gold mining companies
  • Recovering Ixiosflexible, multi-topic fund spanning multiple assets, focusing on undervalued investments
  • Energy metals of Ixiosan equity fund that invests in companies mining and producing metals that drive the energy transition

All Ixios funds are constructed based on a rigorous fundamental analysis designed to reduce downside risks for investors. This process is constantly optimized based on the many years of experience of the manager of the Ixios fund in the research department of a large European investment company. In addition, Leonteq and Ixios will offer themed AMC to capture more tactical market opportunities.

Alessandro Ricci, Head Investment Solutions and member of the Leonteq Executive Committee: “We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Ixios. The cooperation confirms our commitment to further expand the Leonteq offer in the area of ​​thematic investments. This expansion is an important aspect of our 2026 growth strategy as well as the continual development of our ecosystem. As a highly specialized asset management company with a focus on thematic investments, Ixios brings extensive knowledge and a very credible proposition to this space. ”

David Finch, CEO of Ixios: “I am very excited about this extensive collaboration that marks a new stage in the development of Ixios. Leonteq’s extensive and established customer base and its experienced multi-country sales force will play a pivotal role in driving the growth of the assets we manage. We look forward to working closely with you to commercialize our existing funds and develop a new range of research-driven AMC themes.

About Ixios

Ixios is an independent asset management company based in Paris. Ixios specializes in managing thematic funds and currently manages four funds: Ixios Gold, Ixios Energy Metals, Ixios Recovery and Ixios Smart Manufacturing with a total volume of approximately EUR 300 million.


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