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The Umbrella Academy is one of the popular Netflix series. But the season three finale in particular causes some knots in the brain. We’ll take a closer look at the season 3 ending and the post / mid scene.


Parallel timelines, ball lightning, Hotel Oblivion? Season three of the superhero series “Umbrella Academy” was already a crazy ride in the mind, which also left some big question marks in the room at the end. We will explain to you what the strange mid-credit scene is and the end of season three is all about. Of course, this article is full of spoilers for “Umbrella Academy” – so if you still want to watch the season on Netflix without your prior knowledge, stop reading here and check back later.

All’s well that ends well. It is different with the foster family of superheroes from Umbrella Academy. After the siblings confronted the “Sparrows”, their alternate “selves” on a parallel timeline, and also had to be stopped by ball lightning, Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) cuts the skull of “Sparrow” Reginald in the final quarrel (Colm Feore ) and stopped processes called by the Interdimensions machine.

Did Universe Reset Work?

The universe reset seems to have worked. Or maybe not? Allison wakes up in a cab outside her house. Upstairs in his house, he finds his daughter Claire (Coco Assad) sleeping in her bed while Ray (Yusuf Gatewood) looks in the door. The season seems to have ended happily for Allison – she was reunited with her baby and husband. This scene has almost heavenly features. Did Allison die trying to stop the machine, or is she on a different plane of reality?

Meanwhile, the rest of the team members leave the elevator at Obsidian Memorial Plaza. Something seems different because not only have all the injuries sustained by the members of the group on their adventures gone, but Luther (Tom Hopper) and Klaus (Robert Sheehan) have also been resurrected. Only Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez) is no longer with the rest of the troupe – a shock to her husband Luther, who immediately sets out in search of his wife. Strangely enough, all child prodigies have lost their superhero abilities – but that doesn’t stop them from separating and exploring this unknown world on their own.

What is the reality of the superhero squad?

It seems that this is not a known reality as Reginald Hargreeves is alive in this world again! The manipulative tyrannical patriarch appears to play an important role there, as Hargreeves’ skyscrapers dominate the city’s skyline. Hargreeves himself is seen sitting on the top floor of a Stark Tower-like building overlooking the world. At his side is his wife Abigail (Liisa Repo-Martell). Was this new reality shaped in a sense according to Hargreeves’ wishes? It almost seems like that.

What happens to the mysterious post-credits scene?

What does it all mean? If your head is already spinning, you’d better skip the post-credits scene (or more precisely the half-cap scene as it takes place between two credits). Here we see a man who looks like Ben (Justin H. Min) taking a train in South Korea towards Yeouido. Ben sits deep in the book and when he hears the name of the last stop, a mischievous smile appears on his face.

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The scene is reminiscent of the opening of the season in which we see a young woman (possibly Ben’s mother) having a spontaneous pregnancy on a Korean train in 1989 and giving birth to a child in the compartment. The big question is: what version of Ben is on the train? Is it Umbrella Ben, Sparrows Ben or a brand new version of Ben that we haven’t seen before?

For all die-hard fans and amateur detectives, next to Ben is a QR code sticker that directs viewers to a website called “Pogos Tattoo Shop” where they can download tattoo designs inspired by the series.

Which Ben is in the credits scene?

This scene not only confuses us. In an interview with TV program Actor Ben Justin H. Min said: “When I was shooting this scene, I didn’t get any information about what we were shooting or what it would be used for, […]. And when I saw her on the credits scene, I was just as shocked as everyone else. “

Showrunner Steve Blackman’s words bring some light into the dark: “All I can tell you is this is the Sparrow-Ben you met in season three.” “It’s not the ghost Ben, it’s not Ben from the Umbrella timeline – Ben on the train is the Ben we met this season.”

Multiple realities, mysterious subtitled scene and superheroes without superpowers! What does it all mean? We will probably not get the full picture until the fourth season of Netflix’s “Umbrella Academy,” which has yet to be confirmed, but since the series is still in No. 2 on the Netflix charts, it should only be an extension of the usual formality.

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