Visitors have fun in the water, in the water and underneath it in splashes

It is known that there are special events at Plantsch from time to time. Also last Saturday, the action of clubs that have something to do with rain was a bull’s eye.

Schongau – The pandemic of the crown of the last two years has also affected many clubs. The members were gone, especially the offspring were left behind. To recruit new members or restore old ones, the boards of water sports clubs in Schongau joined forces to present themselves to the public.

Last Saturday, Plansch in Schongau became a world of adventure for water rats for a whopping five hours. Six canoeists, for example, competed in the large outdoor pool, where swimmers usually swim along their entire length. Not only that, they showed bends and sway and then even slid down a large undulating slide.

With a kayak from Dreierturm

There was also Feliks (11), who delighted with his dexterity. As if the canoe had grown into his body. Well, he certainly inherited the “kayak genes” from his father, Benjamin Ramsayer, who took it a step further: he accompanies girls and boys in their kayaks up the three-meter tower in the middle. From there, they show jumping into the water reservoir.

Pure adrenaline: 11-year-old Felix Ramsayer from the Schongau Canoe Club bravely jumps in his canoe from the three-meter tower.

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Karl Zwerger stood at the edge of the pool: “We want to bring our sport closer to the public,” said the management. First of all, work with young people comes to the fore. “Come, try, then buy” is the motto when buying your own equipment. If you want to try it, we invite you: every Thursday from 18:00 on the premises of the club in Rösenau. New to the program for those who want a little quieter: hiking by boat.

In the rowing zone, Ramona Breunig’s commands and instructions were heard: He’s a double coach. Formerly responsible for the swimmers of the TSV department, then also for the youth of the triathlon team. She also complained that one of the six different groups at the swimming club had broken up due to Corona. “We care for both beginners and professionals,” she explained at the edge of the pool, not taking her eyes off her charges.

Underwater like professionals

The day was a success for Breunig: she managed to collect eight badges. From a seahorse to gold to a skull badge.

While Breunig was pitching his tents indoors, Rick’s husband was active in the outdoor triathlon pool. He trained his arm movement with Valentin, supported by the buoyancy between his knees.

One floor below you met Lea (9) and Aaron (10) in an outdoor pool trying to dive. After a brief briefing, they behaved like real professionals. they made clear signs with their hands. Sign language for water lovers, so to speak.

It’s also part of the water fun: Bastian (14) from water rescue reanimates on a training dummy, instructor Markus Löffler explains.

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At the edge of the pool stood the Aquarius diving club’s equipment manager, Klaus Hirsch. He also complained that all but two members of the children’s and youth groups (8-14 years old) had left. For consolation at the edge of the pool: “The adults stayed with us.” Training sessions take place every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00 in Plansch.

Christian Fotinger has prepared for a very special show: the trainer at the dive club is also a free diver or an apnea diver. He wanted to stay still underwater in front of the audience for four minutes. This can be achieved through special training and improvement of the breathing technique. Sebastian Schneider accompanied as a referee with a stopwatch.

Respect for the rescuer

Fortinger dove on command, and it was then that viewers realized how long four minutes lasted. Fortinger manages this and the next 30 seconds. Great appreciation.

It just needs to be distinguished among members of the water rescue service. It is they who boldly do everything in an emergency to save swimmers in need. They also demonstrated it that day in the pool and on the edge of the pool. While Bastian (14) pulled the float ashore and saved him a few seconds ago, he showed CPR on the doll shortly thereafter. Trainer Markus Löffler also explained to the audience.

In the case of Amelie (7) and Anna (6) it was noticeable that the training cannot start early enough. They practiced towing in the water with pool noodles. Now we can only hope that many children, especially young people, “licked their blood” in the water, so that there would be enough kids in the clubs.

Hans Helmut Herold

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