Weather in Allgäu today (June 27): 7-day forecast for Kempten, Füssen, Oberstdorf, Kaufbeuren, Memmingen – Current news from the Allgäu

Monday and the new week start muggy and warm. But storms are already threatening the South today. What’s the intensity? Our weather in the Allgäu in a 7-day forecast.

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June 26, 2012 | From 10:07 am

Updated on Monday 8:52: 30 degrees and a lot of sun gave people in Allgäu yesterday’s dream sunday. Also today, on Monday, the weather starts like the middle of summer. But thunderstorms are severe from early afternoon, bringing wind and rain to the region. How will the weather remain in the Allgäu?

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This is how climate change is affecting the Allgäu

An expert from the German Weather Service predicts occasional rains and storms, especially in southern Germany. “Storms concentrate on pouring rain.” As a result, large amounts of rain can spill out in a short time in a small space – up to 40 liters per square meter in an hour is possible.

Torrential downpours, hail and gusts of wind also accompany the storms on Tuesday. The DWD weather expert predicted violent storms by Friday, and things calmed down somewhat on Saturday.

But not only are thunderstorms a threat, but the heat also remains dangerous: “At night, you only cool down to just below 20 degrees, so there’s a lot of stress on your circulatory system,” says the DWD meteorologist. People should drink enough and avoid the hot midday sun.

(You can read here about the current severe weather warnings.) From Tuesday, there will be more rain again in the Allgäu.

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7-day weather Allgäu: Prospects for Memmingen, Kaufbeuren to Kempten and Oberstdorf

What will the weather be in Oberstdorf, Kempten, v memmingen and in Kaufbeuren? This is how the weather services forecast for the coming days in the Allgäu

  • Monday, June 27: The new week starts muggy and warm. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms.
  • Tuesday, June 28: The sun is still shining in the morning. But then rains and storms pass through the Allgäu. The thermometer may have dropped to about 21 degrees.
  • Wednesday 29 June: There is still a high risk of storms, temperatures are rising again. It will be even warmer on Thursday.
  • Thursday June 30: Lots of sun, often dry, temperature around 27 degrees. Thursday can be the most beautiful day of the week.
  • Friday 1 July: With values ​​up to 23 degrees it is partly sunny, in the afternoon it showers
  • Saturday, July 2: There is more sun than the day before – it can be dry on Saturday. The maximum values ​​are 24 degrees.
  • Sunday July 3: It’s getting warmer again, but the risk of rain showers increases again.
  • Monday, July 4: Temperatures around 25 degrees, but also a 50% chance of rain, accompany us at the beginning of the coming week.

You can also read more about the weather in the region in our special weather with Biological Weather, Rain Radar, UV Indicator and Ozone Pollution.

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