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On August 18, Christian Escher, the current Württemberg Rosé Wine Master, will present six of his best wines during a virtual victory celebration. Photo: Gottfried Stoppe / l

Christian Escher from Schwaikheim makes the best pinks in Württemberg. So say the majority of those who voted for the last six wines in our newspaper’s championship in pink.

No, says Christian Escher, he did not expect to win the Württemberg Championship in the rose category. The rivalry seemed too strong for his “first encounter” in the final. A different opinion was expressed by the audience, the readers of the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, who decided to win the championship wine in the red and white categories in the final, similar to the first Württemberg championship. With a pink 2021 called “First Meeting” from Escher vineyard in Schwaikheim, you put one of the two most affordable finalists on the podium. The bottle is available for 6.50 euros. And of course the young winemaker from Schwaikheim, who has recently received various awards, has no objection to the readers’ jury’s decision: “Of course, this confirms that of course you did some things right.”

In the finale, readers call for arrows

It was really strong, the field of participants of the live-broadcast final in mid-May, followed by those readers of our newspapers who secured the right to vote for the final freestyle rose champion by ordering the last wine. The six finalists were previously selected by the four wine columnists Kathrin Haasis, Michael Weier, Holger Gayer and Harald Beck, supported by one of the country’s most famous oenologists, Dieter Blankenhorn of the Weinsberg State Institute of Science and Research, A blind test was selected from around 50 roses entered in the competition.

The most fierce competitor of the winning Remstal wine was ultimately the rosé cuvée I love Monrepos 2021 from Herzog von Württemberg, which at times even excelled in the vote. Also in the final of the best roses from Württemberg in 2022 were Weingut Wachtstetter (Pfaffenhofen) with dry Muskat-Trollinger Rosé 2021 (7.90 euro), Weingärtner Marbach with Rosa Monde Cuvée Rosé 2020 (6.50 euro), Anita Landesvatter vineyard (Brackenheim) with the pink Diefenbacher König Rosé dry 2020 (8 euros) and Schillerwein dry, created by the association “Triebwerk”, young winemakers from the Heilbronn wine cooperative (9.90 euros).

Escher will soon also have Cabernet Franc Rosé

“A lot has happened with rose in this country in recent years,” says Christian Escher, the newly crowned rose champion from Württemberg, to whom senior boss Lisa Escher naturally brings a full range of culinary delights. “I also like trying something new,” says young winemaker Christian. It already has three different roses in its assortment. Cabernet Franc Rosé will also be bottled soon.

Christian Escher comes from a family that, over three generations from the early 1960s, transformed a former classic mixed farm with agriculture, cattle-breeding and viticulture into a modern, high-quality vineyard in a quasi-prototype manner. Grandparents Meta and Otto, in whose house the first family broom business once opened, laid the foundation stone – with 900 vines in the neighboring village of Korb. When the barrel was finally empty, the broom time was just over. Father Ottfried – today, according to his own statements, “working mainly in the field” – then set the direction for the vineyard and paved the way for his son Christian towards the best vineyard.

Both sons are involved in the family vineyard – with their own professional focus elsewhere. For example, Markus Escher successfully distills gin like Ginstr.

All this in Schwaikheim, right on the edge of Remstal, where there have been no vineyards on its own land since phylloxera. The type and characteristics of the 14 hectares of vineyards he farms between Winnenden, Steinreinach and Stetten are just as varied, says the newly crowned master of roses. But it was this diversity that ultimately led to the title.

“Edition Rosé” – This way you can take part in a virtual championship, including wine tasting with six Escher master creations:

winning sample
On August 18 at 19:00, the first broadcast of the winning wine tasting at the Württemberg Rosé Championship with the winning Escher vineyard in Schwaikheim will begin. The virtual winning tasting of six wines from Christian Escher, moderated by wine columnist Holger Gayer, will be streamed to everyone. Six Escher wines – including Master Rosé – can now be booked as the Master Wine Pack “Edition Rosé”. These wines will be delivered to your home before tasting:

wine 1
Blanc de Noir 2021 – white pressed red grape wine that creates a light drinking experience in a glass.

wine 2
Sauvignon blanc 2021 – selective harvest and the minerally rich kajper soils ensure a multi-layered wine.

wine 3
Pinot Blanc 2021: Grown in kajper soils, hand selected and matured in fine stainless steel sludge after harvest, it presents itself as elegant and balanced.

wine 4
Winner of the first Württemberg Rosé Championship, chosen by our readers: 2021 First encounter with a rosé wine cuvée. “Open up and have fun” – fruity, light pink from our regional domestic grape varieties.

wine 5
Lemberger 2020: The grapevine is entrenched in a powerful kajper soil on top. Hand harvesting and mash fermentation produce red wine with exciting spice and berry notes.

wine 6
Cuvée Meisterwerk Red Wine 2019: The masterpiece consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Lemberger. In prime locations in Korb and Neustadt, the grapevine is rooted in powerful, mineral-rich soil.

Wine lovers can now order the Edition Rosé wine package including virtual wine tasting on August 18 for EUR 69.90 online at:


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