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Sony already has an excellent position in the console market with its Playstation, now a Japanese electronics manufacturer is looking to expand its influence in the gaming market with the new Inzone brand.


As part of this re-strategy, Sony is looking to do more business with PC gamers in the future beyond the Playstation. Under the new brand Inzone, the Japanese group unveiled on Tuesday a model range consisting of three headphones and two monitors.

“The gaming market is very interesting for us,” said Kazuo Kii, head of electronics from the German Press Agency. Sony is entering a market that is already split among many established vendors. That’s why you give yourself two to three years to “be in a good position,” said Kii.

Even though some Playstation users may purchase new devices, they are primarily intended for “serious PC gamers”. Sony hopes the experience in audio and display technology will convince new customers. This includes implementing a 3D sound environment where sounds can come from different directions depending on the gameplay. In the battle of formats over technology, Sony admits the limits of its own assertiveness: instead of the 360 ​​Reality Audio it developed, the headphones are based on the Dolby Atmos standard, which, for example, Apple and Amazon also use for their 3D. music deals. Future devices like speakers will support both standards, Kii said.

bottlenecks in semiconductors

The already rapidly growing video game market received another powerful boost during the corona pandemic. At the same time, Sony has felt the effects of global semiconductor bottlenecks: the new Playstation 5 console released in fall 2020 is still hard to come by in some cases. Also in the electronics industry, it still does not see an improvement in the component shortage, Kii said. Sony has now released some of its once exclusive Playstation games for PC, including titles like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The Sony Kii manager, who is also responsible for the TV business, expects TVs with a sharper picture thanks to a higher 8K resolution with more pixels will ultimately outweigh today’s HD or 4K models. Another hurdle is the 8K content production and transmission technology, which means much larger amounts of data. To improve image quality, Sony also relies on real-time content analysis on the display to best present individual objects. (dpa)

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