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By 2023, people with health insurance in Germany should be able to download the insurance card to their smartphone and to the Internet.


The barmer of Krankenkasse will offer 8.7 million policyholders the possibility to put their insurance card on their smartphone. T-Systems and the ID service provider Verimi have been commissioned to execute a complex digital project, the companies said Wednesday in Berlin. The parties involved did not provide any information on the size of the contract. The contract is valid for seven years.

“Digital identities will simplify many things and make them more secure,” said a spokeswoman for Germany’s second-largest insurance company. On the one hand, the insured should have 24/7 access to digital checkout services and be safe at the same time. This is possible via a smartphone app, but also via a protected website. In this way, the insured also had access to the electronic patient records.

Smartphone application instead of an insurance card

The smartphone application is to make the conventional insurance card redundant, also in doctor’s offices and other service providers. “A digital identity is stored on a smartphone in a wallet with a digital ID, which is an electronic wallet,” a spokeswoman said.

The Verimi ID wallet, which has been approved by the Federal Office for Information Security as a secure procedure, serves as a digital storage location for your digital health card. T-Systems then operates the cloud service.

Made by law

The creation of a digital identity for people with health insurance is required by law in Germany. The basis is the Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG), which entered into force last year. From 2023, all health insurance companies must offer their members a secure digital solution that works on an equal footing and in addition to an electronic health card (eGK).

Verimi and T-Systems explained that the solution presented was designed in such a way that other statutory and private health insurance companies could also use the components as a basis for their offers. (dpa)

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