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(New: Write doctors’ association for statutory health insurance).

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Despite criticism from many circles, as of Thursday, the coronation tests were not free for most people in Germany. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) stressed that the tests were still valid – but in their current form too expensive for the state. Doctors described this as “compulsion” to collect amounts in euros for tests. The Statutory Health Insurance Association announced in a letter to Lauterbach that “in the future, they will no longer be able to bill and pay for citizenship tests.” previous policy form as a whole: The eagerly anticipated audit report will be presented.

Free testing is now available only for risk groups and other exceptional cases. For tests, e.g. family celebrations, concerts or meetings with people over 60, an additional fee of EUR 3 is charged. Anyone who wants such a test must sign that it is made for this purpose.

Lauterbach defended innovation. “The tests are valuable, they are important,” Morgenmagazin told ZDF. However, the cost to taxpayers for previously free testing is too high. In addition, abuse by test centers must be limited.

Citizen Test Fraud:

A few months ago, the media quoted investigators saying that a citizen test fraud would do serious damage. There was talk of over a billion euros, or about a tenth of the total payments to operators. Criminals are said to have charged the responsible physicians’ association of statutory health insurance large sums for citizenship tests, even without running test centers – in some cases they are said to burden many more tests.

The rules on testing have already been adapted several times, for example through stricter specifications for reliable information and random testing. According to the rbb report, the lack of control facilitates incorrect billing of tests.

Lauterbach admitted: “There is always the possibility of fraud.” However, test centers would now need to document why the test was performed. The minister stressed that then it would be possible to apply random checks to check it and thus prevent abuses.

Criticism of doctors:

“If such a complex new regulation is adopted and announced the day before it enters into force, chaos can be predicted for everyone involved,” the medical association Hartmannbund said on Thursday. A few days ago, Ulrich Weigeldt, president of the Association of General Practitioners, criticized these plans as a “bureaucratic monster”: “Doctors are not debt collectors of an overburdened state.”

The National Association of Health Insurance Doctors has even called for an end to citizen studies. In a letter to the minister, the Association of Occupational Health Insurance Doctors argued that it was no longer able to bill and pay for citizenship examinations, saying that they were no longer able to check eligibility requirements. “As a result, the Association of Occupational Health Insurance Doctors cannot be held responsible for paying bills with eyes wide open, which they cannot begin to validate,” reads the letter first reported by the German editorial network. (RND) and the current German Press Agency.

When questioned, the Federal Ministry of Health said it was assumed that statutory health insurance associations, as bodies governed by public law, would continue to fulfill their mandate to bill and spot test centers. “In a dialogue, we will discuss with KV in a short time how the new rules can be implemented in a non-bureaucratic manner,” said the spokesman.

Green and FDP at the end of free tests:

The Greens are not at all satisfied with the situation. Her MP Paula Piechotta said: “The fact that the test offers now cost many people three euros for many people is the result of a lack of cooperation between the Länder.” Although the federal government has been paying off advances for months and will have to fall back into massive debt this year, the Länder are not prepared to share the burden fairly. In turn, health expert FDP Andrew Ullmann emphasized on radio station rbb that the protection of risk groups is still guaranteed.

Eagerly anticipated expert opinion:

How the tests and other corona measurements can continue in the fall could also depend on the eagerly anticipated report to be presented in Berlin next Friday. The board of experts should examine and evaluate existing conservation measures. In particular, the FDP insisted on awaiting the report before further negotiation of measures for this fall. Lauterbach suppressed expectations. The report is “just another building block”, not the federal government’s roadmap for fall. He pointed out that again a significant increase in the number of infections should be expected.

According to Lauterbach, the fall measures included a vaccination campaign for the various vaccines and drugs available. New vaccines adapted to the omicron variant “could be postponed to later fall,” said Lauterbach. The statistical registration of patients with a crown in hospitals should also be improved. Crown rules in the Infection Protection Act that still apply – such as the requirements for masks on buses and trains – expire on September 23. / bw / jr / shy / DP / men

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