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A book about the history of the city

From “Apple” to “Warteck”: In his book, Walter Caroli brings the history of the Lahr restaurant to life in a good 470 pages.

Did Lahr really have a “Catholic train station”? Why was August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben, author of the text Deutschlandlied, not granted the citizenship of the city of Lahr? Walter Caroli gives the answer in his latest book “What Lahrer Gaststetten Says”. This walk through the history of Lahr’s taverns and neighborhoods was presented on Tuesday in the Sulzberghalle.

“Inns have been and are places of pulsating social life. For centuries, they were even the backbone of the local community, ‘writes the author. It includes the pump room of the gentleman and bourgeois innkeeper Hans Kempf, mentioned in the Lahrer Bürgerbuch from 1356 to the present day. Caroli estimates the book lists 130 to 200 inns by name. One of the criteria for selecting locations was that they had existed for several decades and developed a certain tradition during that time. Due to the numerous new premises and the change of names and tenants, especially in the last few decades, restaurants that were built after 1945 are only mentioned when there is a connection with the historical substance of the city. Otherwise, they appear in the list of current locations.

8,000 hours of work went into Carola’s latest book

Carola’s latest book devoted 8,000 hours of work. On over 470 pages, he revives a piece of the city’s history. It describes the history of houses, so famous as the apple, red house, Warteck, princes, lions and griffins appear and come to life. Because Caroli also describes the history of the people who lived, worked or were guests there, their worries, deaths and fates. At this point, the Haberera restaurant should be mentioned. Karl Haberer was transported to a concentration camp in 1938 and died shortly after his release. Julie’s daughter was transported to Gurs in 1940, and from there to an extermination camp. In 1945 she was pronounced dead. She is reminded of the stones stumbling in front of her former home on Zollamtstrasse. Names like Kammerl, Weizer, Ugi and Dautzenroth are still known to older teachers. Or Artur Mühlenbach, singing Brnnlewirt, which BZ employee still remembers well.

events and anecdotes

Walter Caroli pulled numerous incidents and anecdotes from the dusty corners of the restaurant and dusted them off. They are the icing on the cake on an exciting, fun, and sometimes thought-provoking walk through the history of Lahr’s economy. So let’s go back to the beginning of the story: there has never been a “Catholic train station” in Lahr. The Badischer Hof in Vogtsvorstadt was popularly called so because the people of the Schuttertal liked to meet there after visiting the city, before heading home to the “Catholic Alps”. In 1844, a city meeting was held in Rappen in honor of the poet Hoffmann von Fallersleben. In his memoirs, the poet writes that many people asked him to apply for citizenship. The city was probably not against it. However, she was forbidden by the state government, probably suspicious of a political refugee with a liberal mentality.

“Wendel von der Schanz” from Schnellingen

Probably the most important innkeeper had been thinking about the “Wendel von der Schanz” from Schnellingen for a long time. He teased him about his clothes and said that he would definitely want to buy an inn from him, which only cost 15,000 guilders. However, he had to pay this morning. The Kinzigtler left, returned two hours later, and put the money on the table. Ultimately, the owner paid 1,500 guilders “penance money”. The “Wendel” returned to Schnellingen by horse and cart at the innkeeper’s expense.

Norbert Klein, chairman of the Geroldsecker Land regional group of the Central Baden Historical Association, and Lahr Mayor Markus Ibert paid tribute to the author Walter Carola and his work as an author. The presentation of the book, welcomed by the mayor of Sulz, Rolf Mauch, was accompanied by the saxophone group of the city band Lahr.

Book: Walter Caroli: Lahrer’s Taverns narrate – Historical Reflection; Publisher: Historical Association for Central Baden, Geroldseckerland Regional Group; lahr; ISBN: 978-3-7806-8; 477 pages; Price: EUR 24.50.

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