Moody concert to start “Wednesdays in Verl”

The Verler advertising community has brought the concert series “Wednesdays in Verl” to life. The “Eject” group was launched.

Verl (rast) – A meadow, a few food stalls and a stage as a podium for the band – that’s all you need for a romantic evening. Thanks to the Gütersloh group “Eject”, the Verler advertising community has enlivened the series of small concerts “Wednesdays in Verl” at the Volksbankwiese. After the prelude in July, two more concerts will take place.

Four hours less breaks ahead of Tim (bass), Max (guitar), Laura (drums and vocals) and Franzi, who has been leading the quartet as a vocalist since the beginning of the year. “We’ll fill the time,” says Max, looking at the extensive repertoire of 50 percent own songs and 50 percent hidden. The set includes the atmospheric song “Save The World”, which was released as a single in May.

The excitement grows before you start

Just after 6:00 p.m., the show is getting closer. “Stage fright is slowly rising,” admits Max with a smile as members of the advertising community on stage begin announcing the musicians.

Rainer Tuxhorn from the advertising community is obviously a bit nervous. “For the first time in 2016, I thought it was going to be a mess,” he says, looking out over a meadow that is still rarely visited. But as the audience rushes in, his nerves relax again. After all, the Volksbank meadow is half full. “We are very happy to be back and to give the young team a chance to start,” says Jens Niederschulte, head of the Verler advertising community. And Rainer Tuxhorn adds: “Now let’s step on the gas.”

Own creation in the style of Rosenstolz

“Eject” was already booked for “Verl Wednesdays” in 2020. However, Corona threw the key to the work on this event. After starting with her own song, Abby’s “Mamma Mia” continues. And Laura shows that she can not only play the drums.

With Max’s guitar, he presents the Oasis classic “Wonderwall”, followed by “Wo ist die Zeit” – self-creation in the best Rosenstolz style. Moreover, no band’s song-to-sing by John Denver “Take Me Home, Country Roads” should be missing from the set list.

Enjoy the carefree hours

With the first sounds of “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles, the listener says, “Well, you have plans.” “It’s a nice start,” says Reinhard Illies, owner of the Wittkemper toy and household goods store, just before the first break. And Philipp Eickholz is excited about what’s coming next. “It’s still early evening. Let’s see what comes next.

What remains after the first evening? An audience that likes carefree hours. The guy from Friedrichsdorf summed it up after looking around: “Music is almost a minor matter. Something to eat and drink and a few nice conversations – that’s what makes it so. “

“Creative, how to arrange their pieces”

Among the guests on the meadow is the band Verl “Burning Guitars”, which will be the finale of the series of events on the third day of “Wednesdays in Verl”. And take a look at what the competition is fabricating? “No, no, there is no espionage,” laughs Tobias Franzbonenkamp. “As musicians, we are one big family.” You are glad to support other teams by visiting.

The singer and guitarist says to his colleagues from Gütersloh: “The way they arrange their songs is creative.” For example, when a quiet song disguised as funk suddenly appears. Appropriately, the two members of “Eject” sit on the edge of the stage and chant Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in a moody manner.

The remaining dates for the Volksbankwiese are July 13 with “The Juniors” and July 27 with “Burning Guitars”. It always starts at 6:00 PM. The end is scheduled for 22:00.

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