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From the start of sales in late May to Thursday, around 21 million tickets were sold for € 9. In addition, around ten million subscribers automatically receive a discounted ticket, according to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). This means that the number of 30 million tickets per month, previously calculated by the industry, was not only reached, but even slightly exceeded.

Cooperative banks increase their stake in Schufa

In the bidding war for the Schuf credit report, the cooperative finance group used its pre-emption rights as announced and built a blocking minority. According to the financial group, it increased its stake in Schufa to 27.2 from 20.5 percent.

Rheinmetall is developing ammunition for the US Navy

The Rheinmetall armaments group has received an order worth $ 14.3 million to develop new medium-caliber ammunition for the U.S. Navy. The US Navy has entered into an appropriate contract with the Rheinmetall subsidiary, the US-based Virginia-based Rheinmetall Munitions Inc, the MDX Group reported.

SAF-Holland: The acceptance period for Haldex starts on July 4

With the publication of the offering document, truck supplier SAF-Holland has given the go-ahead to take over the Swedish brake system manufacturer Haldex. As reported by SDAX, the approval period begins on July 4 and ends on August 16 at 5:00 PM CEST.

Barry Callebaut closes a Belgian factory due to salmonella

Swiss chocolate producer Barry Callebaut, one of the largest in the world, has stopped production at its factory in Belgium due to salmonella. The bacteria were discovered on Monday in a batch produced at the Wieze facility, the group said on Thursday. Experts identified the additive lecithin as a source of contamination. It is used as an antioxidant, emulsifier, or stabilizer.

Gazprom’s shares are losing a quarter of their value following the suspension of dividends

Gazprom’s shares listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange fell 27 percent. after the decision of the Russian energy giant to suspend the dividend. The dividend payout is “unreasonable,” said vice-chairman of Famil Sadigow, as announced.

IAG selects 14 Airbus aircraft from the A320neo family

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG) has converted the options to purchase 14 Airbus A320neo family aircraft into permanent orders. IAG, which includes British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, has ordered eleven A320neos and three A321neos from Airbus.

Ryanair and union agree wage increases

The low cost airline Ryanair has made an agreement with the British Pilots Association to raise salaries again after the Covid crisis. Ryanair, which expects to increase to 115 percent of pre-pandemic capacity this year, said the deal would accelerate wage return and allow for wage increases through 2026.

Half-yearly LSE result in line with expectations

The London Stock Exchange Group Plc (LSE) announced on Thursday that its H1 results are in line with expectations and in line with guidelines. The company also announced that Andrea Remyn Stone is resigning from head of group data and analytics for personal reasons. Group chief executive David Schwimmer will lead the division while management searches for Deputy Stone to act as group consultant until he leaves in the fall.

The FDA is partially suspending Sanofi’s research with an MS drug

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suspended some of the Sanofi Phase 3 trials in the United States. As announced by Sanofi SA, these are studies on the drug tolebrutinib used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and the disease of muscle weakness, myasthenia gravis.

Unicredit sells Illimity outstanding loans worth EUR 1.3 billion

Italian bank Unicredit has agreed to sell Illimity Bank SpA a mixed portfolio of bad loans worth around € 1.3 billion. Unicredit SpA announced that the sale will be booked in the second quarter of the financial year. The sale is part of the group’s strategy of reducing irregular receivables.

Wienerberger buys the Bavarian tile manufacturer Mayr Dachkeramik

Wienerberger strengthens itself with the acquisition of roof solutions in Germany. As announced by the Austrians, Mayr, a roofing ceramics company in Salching, Bavaria, will be acquired. Wienerberger did not provide financial details.


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