concert review | Alicia Keys in Berlin: half master of ceremonies, half DJ, full musician

concert review | Alicia Keys in Berlin

Half master of ceremonies, half DJ, full musician

Wed 22/06/22 | 09:57 | FROM Henrik Schröder

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Alicia Keys has won 16 Grammy Awards and has sold over 30 million albums. He is currently on a major tour. On Tuesday, she played a concert in Berlin that consisted of two very different shows. Author: Hendrik Schroeder

The beginning is great. The stage at Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena is painted black, the light trusses hang very low and almost evoke something akin to coziness in this awful multi-purpose hall. At least if you just look to the future.

Then the light goes out, the spotlight comes on, and Alicia Keys stands there on the hill like a ghost. A black trouser suit, half a meter of silver jewelry around his neck, takes a pose with his chin raised – and sings. A mix of diva, lady and fun at the same time.

Red flashes of light flash on the stage, a band of five starts playing, and Alicia comes down the stairs to her band. The black piano at the edge of the stage glides towards her, as if being pulled by invisible hands. As if he was attracting her magnetically. Great picture, because the piano and she just fit together, but more on that later.

chav and beauties

As she stands up, she plays a few piano chords and looks wildly determined to one of the larger-than-life cameras she throws at three video walls. Her voice is still super good and she sings it all live. There are no chairs inside, the crowd presses onto the stage and is initially alone.

The audience is more diverse than ever. Everyone goes to Alicia Keys. There are cool chavas who talk a little too loud and show their disco muscles in tight shirts, next to overly beautiful women in expensive clothes. Excited families take a selfie, the first dancing couples jump out of their seats in the stands.

But soon they sit down again. Because the first part of the concert is more to listen to and enjoy. The light show is sophisticated but not overly rich as is often the case with such light shows. For a good 45 minutes, Alicia Keys weaves almost breathlessly song by song.

But then the conspicuous wrinkled curtain falls off, refusing to fit in with the otherwise perfect show and covering the whole scene. The band continues and only Alicia Keys’s shadow recedes. The first audience members get up, go for drinks and think it’s a break or something. Not even close.

With a piano and a synthesizer in the pulpit

Because just a few minutes later, the singer reappears on the small, pulpit-like stage in the middle of the hall, ten meters above the audience. And now it’s really happening. She is sitting there all alone in front of the e-piano, drum machine and synthesizer next to her. A shiny cap that would go with any Star Wars movie. They keep shouting “Hey hey” and the crowd shouting “Hey hey”.

Then he presses the buzzer three times, as in a fair, “Nööt nööt nööt” does. And then he literally throws himself at the piano. Now she is home alone with the keys and the microphone, which is why she is the strongest. Half master of ceremonies, half DJ, full musician.

About ten songs are played there, so only short fragments, and then comes another. It’s not entirely clear why she didn’t just play three or four in full, but people think it’s great, now there’s a real atmosphere in the venue.

Then Alicia Keys, protected by threatening bodyguards, runs through the crowd back to the main stage, gives a high-five, puts on a Star Wars cap and plays ten more songs, including well-known hits. Great evening.

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