Economy: TIMING: Government is speeding up crown requirements

BERLIN In its eagerly awaited review report on previous Corona requirements, the committee of experts avoided making clear statements on many points – due to insufficient data, reliable assessments were not possible. “We have bad data,” said virologist Hendrik Streeck.

Positive verdict on masks and tests:

But Streeck said, “The masks work – you have to be clear about it.” At the same time, the report points out: “However, a poorly fitted and non-tight mask has little or no effect.” As the corona virus is more susceptible to transmission indoors than outdoors, “in the future, the obligation to wear a mask should be limited to rooms and places with a higher risk of infection,” advises the panel. Experts clearly did not recommend wearing FFP2 masks.

Experts believe that access restrictions for those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and / or those who have undergone testing, so-called 2G / 3G agents, have a big impact – but especially in the first few weeks following a booster dose or recovery. In the current phase of the pandemic, it is difficult to assess the impact of such restrictions. If necessary, testing should be prescribed first as a condition of admission, regardless of vaccination status. There is a need to further explore how well mitigation by testing can work.

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School blockades and closings:

“When only a few people are infected, the blocking agents have a much stronger effect,” the report said. The longer the blockage lasts and the fewer people are willing to support the measure, the lower the effect. As with blocking measures, contact tracing was particularly effective in the early phase of the pandemic.

The exact effectiveness of school closures in reducing the spread of the virus is unclear. However, “unintended effects” have been examined. According to the report, the next committee of experts should carefully examine the unintended consequences “with special regard to the best interests of the child”. Expert Jutta Allmendinger, president of the Berlin Center for Social Sciences, said that “something like a legal right to a minimum of social contact” is needed. There has been “a reversion to the old gender roles” and “an incredible level of mental exhaustion.”

Government actions:

Lauterbach said negotiations between him and Buschmann on future measures began on the day the report was delivered. Above all, the FDP wanted to wait for the assessment. “We are working constructively and very quickly in confidentiality and we must be well prepared for a fall,” emphasized Lauterbach. There is a summer wave, it will not disappear by itself. He is expecting a “heavy fall wave”.

Buschmann said in a separate statement that he was very confident there could be a good proposal in the coalition in July. There is general agreement on several points. The inner mask has a very good cost-benefit ratio, according to the report. Therefore, of course, you will have a stake in the protection concept. Interventions such as closings, school closings and curfews are no longer proportionate. More attention should be paid to the psychosocial consequences of protective measures, especially for children.

More Citizenship Tests:

Despite the confusion about the settlements, according to Lauterbach, the citizenship tests should still be carried out. The discussions did not change the fact that “citizenship tests are still available,” Lauterbach said. The National Association of Health Insurance Doctors (KBV) and the Associations of Health Insurance Doctors responsible for billing have stated that “they will no longer be able to bill and pay for citizenship examinations in the future.” Lauterbach said, “Citizenship testing prevents chains of infection.” However, the KBV wanted to be clear on how to implement the new regulation. From Thursday, the tests are only available for risk groups and other exceptional cases. – We will come to good regulations in the coming days – said the minister.

Countries require a legal basis:

By decision of their health ministers, the Länder in the fall demanded a legal basis for the requirements for the crown. You need certainty on the legal framework as soon as possible. It is necessary to be able to require a mask and indoor distance requirements. Länder should also be able to order mandatory tests – especially in the case of institutions with risk groups, certain community institutions, and schools and nurseries. They also want to be able to set guidelines for a hygiene concept.

The basis of the vaccination campaign:

With the decision on the first practical regulations for the Corona course in the fall, the federal government introduced regulations concerning, inter alia, further vaccinations. Lauterbach announced a new vaccination campaign. There should also be more accurate data and increased protection of risk groups in care settings. The legal basis for corona vaccination is to be extended until April 30, 2023. Free and occupied beds should be centrally registered and reported in clinics.

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