European flights at the highest prices: Lufthansa cuts tickets – participation weaker News

For several days, flights to July meetings could only be purchased in the most expensive booking classes, the company confirmed on Friday relevant information from online forums for frequent travelers.

The interim measure is to leave seats vacant in the event of rebooking due to previously announced flight cancellations. These changes are to be introduced to the system in the coming days. Lufthansa canceled more than 3,000 flights in July and August due to huge capacity problems at the airports and within its own organization. However, 95 percent of all planned flights will be completed in the summer, the company said.

The aim is to offer all guests affected by a flight cancellation an alternative travel option, a spokesman in Frankfurt said. “To ensure this, the company has reduced the availability on Lufthansa flights for new bookings in July.”

Users report prices for economy-class “Y” tickets above 1000 Euro from Frankfurt to London or Dubai. Single domestic tickets from Frankfurt to Hamburg or Berlin should cost 400 euros. Even in business class, tickets are available only in the highest, and therefore the most expensive, booking class “J”.

Lufthansa wants to reopen the system only after the rebooking has been completed and, depending on seat availability, also reopen cheaper booking classes. According to information from business circles, this may even take place until Wednesday (6 July).

3000 pieces of luggage from Lufthansa passengers still in Munich

One week after the stopover at Munich Airport, the owners of 3,000 suitcases are still waiting for their luggage. Lufthansa said on Friday: “It is true that around 3,000 pieces of luggage have been stored in Munich since last weekend.” A thunderstorm and air traffic control restrictions sometimes prevented transfer passengers from catching a connecting flight. This affected passengers on European connecting flights and domestic flights who were changed on the train.

However, half of these 3,000 suitcases were actually destined for other German airports. They are temporarily sorted in Munich to relieve other German airports that are no longer keeping up with their work due to a lack of staff. “We apologize to our guests and work hard around the clock to deliver your luggage,” said Lufthansa.

Lufthansa’s supervisory board is apparently meeting because of the air chaos

Due to the current chaos in air traffic, the supervisory board of Deutsche Lufthansa has scheduled a meeting, according to a press release. The supervisor will address the plight of Europe’s largest aviation group next Wednesday at the urging of the Verdi service union, Handelsblatt reports, citing the corporate community.

According to the information, the topics of the meeting are the tense operational situation, but also the economic consequences. Among other things, due to a lack of staff, the air group had to cancel around 3,000 flights at two hubs in Frankfurt and Munich already in the summer months.

A company spokeswoman declined to comment on the information to the Dow Jones Newswires.

An extraordinary meeting of the supervisory board at the request of employee representatives is an extraordinary event, continues the newspaper. According to their information, some inspectors did not feel adequately informed about current events. Members of the commission learned from the media about the reactivation of the A380 next summer. Nor has management been informed of the loss of the fifth star, a quality award from UK consulting firm Skytrax.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa shares have lost 0.68% of the shares by XETRA. up to 5.53 euro.

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