Has the vacationer taken photos of the missing person?

26-year-old Scarlett Salice from Bad Lippspringe sent this photo from the southern Black Forest in September 2020.

Photo: Police Headquarters in Freiburg

The missing person “Scarlett Salice” case never released Markus Baumgartner. “He’s just mysterious – because nothing appears,” says the manager of the Black Forest Mountain Rescue Area in the Waldshut region. The 26-year-old, from North Rhine-Westphalia, was alone for a few days on the famous hiking trail Schluchtensteig – before disappearing on September 10, 2020 near Todtmoos.

Baumgartner has been involved in various large exploration operations in the rugged landscape, but to no avail. That’s why he and his colleagues are also counting on key clues through the special edition “Aktenzeichen XY … Unresolved” on Wednesday, June 29: Was the young woman a victim of a crime? Or maybe she had an accident on a steep terrain?

If a person slips when the vegetation is abundant, it is very difficult to see someone on the ground.

Markus Baumgartner, head of the Black Forest Mountain Ambulance Service

The program on Wednesday evening is dedicated to four missing people – one of them is a young tourist from Bad Lippspringe. “It would be good if a solution could finally be found,” says mountain rescuer Baumgartner. Uncertainty plagues family and friends, but many in the southern Black Forest keep asking if there is anything new.

Police and mountain rescue were looking for a missing person with dogs, helicopters and drones. “We were there again in November and December,” says Baumgartner. “Because if someone slips as long as the vegetation is lush, it is very difficult to see someone on the ground.” Some colored objects have actually been discovered in aerial photographs that could match Salice’s equipment.

But in the end, all vague clues turned out to be irrelevant. Not the slightest scrap of material appeared. “Recently, a tourist found a blue jacket in the area,” says Baumgartner. “But, after all, this cannot be attributed to the young woman either. She could have crashed in it, the jacket was so big.

A group of helpers searched for reflective sleeping mats at night with the help of spotlights

The missing person was rather small and thin at the time of his disappearance. About 1.60 meters tall and 50 kilograms of light, straight dark blonde hair with highlighted ends – this is how she describes the appearance of an enterprising young woman. She was carrying a red Osprey backpack with a yellow heart-shaped charm hanging from it. She had a small gray tent and a silver sleeping pad with her.

The Please Find Scarlett support group was also counting on this shiny sleeping mat. “We went on a night hike with powerful headlights to see if the sleeping mat bounces off somewhere,” says Patricia Lindinger. The woman in the Black Forest-Baar district did not know Salice – but she was touched by her fate. “I read her sister’s appeal on the itinerant forum,” says Lindinger. “The case only touched me. And I am a mother myself. “

The missing one wanted to emigrate to Asia

Working with the missing persons family, Lindinger and her associates launched the Please Find Scarlett Facebook page. They put up posters, mobilize volunteers to seek clues, and publicize the Scarlett cause. Accident or crime? “The odds are 50/50,” says Lindinger.

Lindinger believes it is “out of the question” that the allegedly fun-loving young woman wanted to “come out” and covered up all traces herself. Salice wanted to immigrate to Asia and live there with her boyfriend. But there is absolutely nothing mysterious about her private life. Of course, the prosecution also investigated Salice’s private surroundings.

Paderborn ad with “clues and assumptions” about a violent crime

This way, “no significant knowledge of their whereabouts emerged,” said Iris Janke, head of the prosecutor’s office at Waldshut-Tiengen. The investigation into last summer’s death also did not proceed. It was initiated by an advertisement from Paderborn – it contained “clues and guesses” towards the crime.

– The information given in the announcement was followed – prosecutor Janke explains. “But they didn’t lead any further or turned out to be devoid of content. There is no credible evidence that the person has been a victim of a violent crime. “

The wanted dogs stopped in the parking lot

Salice sometimes stayed overnight in shelters, sometimes in her little tent in nature camps, reports Lindinger of the “Please find Scarlett” group. “Mysteriously, here in the Black Forest it seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth,” he says.

Two possible clues capture the helpers’ imaginations: Search dogs have reportedly struck near the stage entrance in Todtmoos. And in the parking lot by the stone bridge in the Wehratal, the dogs wouldn’t want to go any further. Right in this parking lot, about halfway to Wehr, a lady says she saw a missing person while she was resting.

Last proof of life on a supermarket camera

One thing is for sure: the last evidence that Salice is alive comes from the morning of September 10, 2020. A supermarket camera captured the young tourist just after 10am while shopping in Todtmoos. Her cell phone was last found around 11 o’clock in the vicinity of the community.

The fact that there is almost no witness testimony also applies to Baumgartner, the head of the mountain ambulance service. “The Ravine Trail is an intensely frequented tourist trail,” he says. On the day of his disappearance, the missing person wanted to pass the last 22-kilometer stage from Todtmoos to Wehr. There are all levels of difficulty, Baumgartner says, from a comfortable path to a narrow path through steep terrain.

Has the young tourist changed her plans along the way? Did she let strangers take her out of the parking lot? Baumgartner points out that those who wander in stages usually don’t give up just before reaching their destination. Investigators also have no clue of changing Salice’s plan.

Helpers from “Please Find Scarlett” circle of friends now fervently hope that the “Aktenzeichen XY … Missing” program will bring a breakthrough. “There were a lot of vacationers in the Black Forest back then,” says Lindinger. Maybe someone even has a picture or video of Scarlett in them?

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