Jens Stage, rookie of Werder Bremen, reveals: Dad advised to change!

Zell am Ziller – The name still floated on the Zell am Ziller training ground – the person who belonged to him was not even present. It used to be like that, but it was a long time ago. And because the Thomas Delaney in question made an excellent impression with Werder Bremen’s midfield and previously came from FC Copenhagen, the new addition to Jens Stage struggles with the fact that he is asked repeatedly about his Danish compatriot. Because he also comes from a top club in the capital of a neighboring country and prefers a solid interpretation of his work. In Friday’s media interview, Stage largely made a good face for a bad game, but it was clear that he would rather be watched regardless of the ubiquitous Delaney.

“He is a fantastic player and a role model for all the central midfielders in Denmark. So I and everyone else is looking very carefully at what we can learn from him. ” JensStage. “He has an exceptional career, especially here he was fantastic. But please don’t compare us too much, I’d rather show what I can do right away. ” The 25-year-old suspected, however, that the comparisons would stay with him for some time. “I’m afraid it will happen more often,” he admitted newcomer With SV Werder Bremen he smiled and sighed a little.

The adjective “intense” was used with a similar frequency as the word “Delaney”. Difference: This time it came entirely from the mouth of the signatory. Because that’s what you want JensStage present. “Werder is a big club with a great history, great fans and big ambitions. This is exactly what I like. I want to play intense football in front of a lot of spectators and with great emotions, ”he said. Or: “I’ve always watched German football on TV. It is played intensively there and I have always tried to play that style. That is why I believe that I am very good at this league. ” And maybe that’s why too Werder Bremen – finally maybe Bundesliga– Returnees at headquarters definitely need someone in the middle, even though it can be painful at times. “I want to be as involved in the game as possible,” emphasized Jens Stage. “I love being alive and part of the action, fighting and playing intensely for 90 minutes.”

Father advised newcomer Werder Bremen Jens Stage to change: “I couldn’t find a better place for me”

Due to these characteristics, another top league club wanted to lead him to Germany last winter: FC Augsburg. “But it wasn’t the right time, I had the championship to win,” he said JensStage. “And that’s why I didn’t waste a lot of energy dealing with the topic.” Time in Copenhagen happily ended, the 25-year-old said goodbye to win the title. He still likes to get by without the Champions League. “Of course it could have been nice. But as he is Werder Bremen I didn’t have to think at all.

According to information from the company from Bremen, four million euros can be spent DeichStube this transfer cost, later bonus payments are possible. But those were the things Jens Stage didn’t care about. Instead, according to his own statements, he only spoke a little with his father – and summed up succinctly why the son would live in northern Germany in the future. “He told me there couldn’t be a better place for me,” Stage revealed. – It’s close to Denmark and Werder is a big club in one of the best leagues.

Newcomer Werder Bremen Jens Stage introduces himself: “I want to show what I can do right from the start”

And now he’s trying to figure it out. speaks a few words of german JensStage thanks to the past school days, but if the people around him talk too fast or in a mess, he still has problems. But that should change soon. On the other hand, a man who was born in Höjbjerg near Aarhus has to translate a Danish word over and over again – his surname. “Everyone on the team has been asking me this for the last few days,” he said, laughing, giving extra help to reporters on the spot. Stage is therefore essentially pronounced like the English word “Stay”.

On Friday afternoon, the Dane unpacked his first training gear and sent out some expressive greetings. If all goes well, it will be safe soon Bundesligathat Werder Bremen because he has a new player in midfield. With any luck, it happens JensStage also back in the Danish selection in which he has performed once before. Especially since the World Cup in Qatar is a special incentive. “I don’t know if it would be too early for me to talk about it. But of course being part of the national team is a big dream. It would be a lie if I said otherwise – he emphasized, but at the same time emphasized. “Competition in central midfield is very tough. Is Thomas Delaney and some more fantastic players. Let’s wait and see. Now I have a chance to test myself in Bremen and the Bundesliga. ” So it didn’t matter that Jens Stage himself this time mentioned the name of former Werder player Delaney. (mbu)

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