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Lufthansa is currently charging maximum prices for European flights in July. This should provide free seats for rebooking, as thousands of flights have to be canceled during the summer.

Frankfurt am Main.

Due to the tight booking and traffic situation, Lufthansa has drastically reduced its ticket offer for European and domestic flights.

For several days now, flights to meetings in July can only be purchased in the most expensive booking classes, the company confirmed on Friday relevant information from online forums for frequent travelers.

The interim measure is to leave seats vacant in the event of rebooking due to previously announced flight cancellations. These changes are to be introduced to the system in the coming days. Lufthansa canceled more than 3,000 flights in July and August due to huge capacity problems at the airports and within its own organization. However, 95 percent of all planned flights will be completed in the summer, the company said.

Ticket prices over 1000 euro

The aim is to offer all guests affected by a flight cancellation an alternative travel option, a spokesman in Frankfurt said. “To ensure this, the company has reduced the availability on Lufthansa flights for new bookings in July.”

Users report prices for economy-class “Y” tickets above 1000 Euro from Frankfurt to London or Dubai. Single domestic tickets from Frankfurt to Hamburg or Berlin should cost 400 euros. Even in business class, tickets are available only in the highest, and therefore the most expensive, booking class “J”.

Lufthansa wants to reopen the system only after the rebooking has been completed and, depending on seat availability, also reopen cheaper booking classes. According to information from business circles, this may even take place until Wednesday (6 July). According to information from “Handelsblatt”, the supervisory board of the MDax group should also deal with the aviation chaos on this day. An extraordinary meeting was called under pressure from employee representatives who did not feel sufficiently informed by the management board. (dpa)

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