Main-Tauber and Neckar-Odenwald are applying again – Wertheim

Bronnbach. For the new funding period 2023-2027 of the European funding program “Leader” (“Liaison entre actions de développement de l’économie rurale” or translated as “link between rural development actions”), Main-Tauber-Kreis re-applies with with the neighboring district of Neckar-Odenwald through a local working group (LAG).

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Just over a year ago, the inaugural event took place in the Gottersdorf open-air museum in the Neckar-Odenwald district, and the final event took place in the vineyard of the Bronnbach monastery. The moderator was dr. Andreas Hildenbrand, Managing Director of IHK Rhein-Neckar, Location Mosbach.

The starost of the Main-Tauber poviat, Christoph Schauder, emphasized that the cooperation between the two poviats is exemplary and not only in the application for the “Leader” project. “Leader also helps to ensure that our regional characteristics are preserved,” he said, hoping to be considered further in the new funding period. After all, EUR 4.8 million has been transferred to projects in both districts through Leader. Thanks to funding from the county – here Schauder is counting on another expansion by the county council before the summer break – many activities have been successfully completed for the benefit of the residents.

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It should remain so, emphasized the first state official of the Neckar-Odenwald county, Dr. Björn Christian Kleih. If it were up to him, “The Leader” could even become a “never-ending story.”

In the next financing period, we want to position ourselves even more broadly and take up new topics. Futour, an environmental, tourist and regional consultancy based in Bad Krotzingen, was hired to submit the relevant application. Dr. Heike Glatzel and Dirk Montag presented the results and explained what will be possible in the future. First, the constructive cooperation of everyone involved in the process was highly praised. The many clubs that took part in lively discussions during online events were especially highlighted. This does not apply to all the areas managed by Futour and shows how attached people are to their homeland. “We have seen people who have their roots here,” said Dirk Montag cheerfully.

Both districts are considered structurally weak, even if, as mayor Schauder put it, Corona causes a change. Rural areas are becoming more attractive again. The expansion of broadband coupled with employment opportunities with many of the world’s market leaders is a plus where both circles can score points.

The vision of the renewed app was to create a friendly and lovable, lively and sustainable Baden-Franconia region. The concept of regional development is summed up by the words: “Passion. Country life. Full of life. Leader of Baden-Franconia ”. In the future, they want to perform together, and the counties of Wertheim and all of Lauda-Königshofen will be added to the current 19 municipalities in the next funding period.

A practical example of what leadership support can look like is the Mundartweg in Mudau. With great passion, Hans Salma, Roland Grimm, Harald Grimm and Dr. It was emphasized that Isabell Arnstein has created a nationally recognized design that is exemplary.

The chairman of the Badisch-Franken Action Group, Alfred Beetz, will continue to be on board, as will the previous members of the jury. “A leader is a blessing for rural areas,” said Beetz, confident that despite all the obstacles we will encounter in completing the application, the new funding period will continue to bring a lot of development to the area.

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