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Petal Search proves its worth again and wins the iF Awards 2022 for user experience

Shenzhen, China, July 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – More than 3.5 billion searches are performed daily (source: Smart Insights) on a wide range of search topics, and up to 55% of young people use alternative search methods such as voice search. Search engines therefore need to be dynamic and comprehensive. To further personalize search services, Petal Search takes it a step further by enabling users to discover information related to their searches, not just responding.

Petal Search aims to continuously improve to provide a better service to users and has been ranked in the top 3 search engines in over 18 countries and regions around the world (source: Statcounter).

Petal Search wins iF 2022 award

In recognition of Petal Search’s efforts to create a connected search journey that is unique to all, the search engine recently won the iF Award 2022 in the User Experience (UX) discipline.

Since its founding in 1953, iF Design has become a global symbol of design excellence. The annual iF DESIGN AWARD is currently one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. As a winner of this award, Petal Search continually strives to improve the user experience by developing its services so that everyone can enjoy the convenience of a customized search journey.

Today, more and more information is generated and consumed in individual applications, creating separate islands of information. Nobody is an island, as the saying goes, and with Petal Search, no app is an island either. This success underlines Petal Search’s commitment to creating better connections between users and the distributed islands of information on their phones. Becoming users with Petal Search continues takes you on an inspiring search journey with intelligent recommendations and visuals, instantly providing them with all the information they are looking for.

Petal Search offers a universal search service, anytime, anywhere

With so many apps used by consumers these days, it can be confusing to switch between multiple apps in order to find what you’re looking for on your phone. Research shows a 15% increase in zero-click searches (source: SparkToro) over the past year, highlighting the fact that users are starting to expect results without having to send them to a third-party site. Huawei’s Petal Search has recognized this issue and is designed to provide an engaging search experience.

Petal Search enables consumers to search for results both on local devices and on the Internet. Petal Search works with over 3,000 business partners from a variety of industries and has the answer for everything. By providing search results in one place, Petal Search protects the user from switching between multiple pages in order to find the information they are looking for.

With each letter typed by a user, Petal Search begins to predict and offer possible search results to give you instant answers. Based on the search habits of users gathered with the help of smart mode, Petal Search has a better idea of ​​what users want, what they are looking for on the internet and which websites they usually visit. Thanks to this, Petal Search can personalize itself and deliver results to users, even before they search for them.

if you you want to search for a service – for example, book a trip, meal made to order and much more – no need to open individual apps first. Instead, with Petal Search, you can do it all in one app.

In addition, users can even access services from different vendors within a single application. In Petal Search, users can compare prices from multiple service providers. Directly on the main Petal Search search page you will find real-time weather forecasts and many other results.

Petal Search has personalized recommendations at your fingertips

With so much information and products available online, users are often overwhelmed by the amount of content they can find online. However, with search engine technology, users have the ability to sift through content and get the results they want.

Every person is different. Petal Search solves this problem and tries to adapt the search method to the individual user.

before the search Petal Search takes a picture of a given consumer based on their habits and interests in the context of their daily life to predict search queries and make recommendations based on that – from the most used apps and websites to tasks they currently produce articles you might like.

Interactive, visualized content of Petal Search inspires

It’s not always the goal that counts, often the way you get there. Petal Search not only delivers tailored, precise results, but also takes users on a search journey that stimulates and inspires research.

By providing Petal Search with information related to user’s search queries. For example, if you are looking for an image, Petal Search will show you related products and share videos on similar topics to the one you just watched.

Petal Search displays interactive, visualized content that stimulates creativity. if you Given the plethora of search results, finding the content you want can be tedious. However, thanks to the visualized content, they can immediately see what you are looking for.

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