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June brought significant losses for most stock indices. The DAX® fell by approximately 11 percent and the EuroStoxx50 index by approximately 8.8 percent. such investment strategies UC SDG Transatlantic Leadership Index he could not escape the development of the entire market. However, minus 6.1 percent. it was much lower. The Index’s investment strategy is defensive. In addition, it only covers companies that are highly committed to the principles of the SDG.

In 2015, the global community adopted the United Nations 2030 Agenda. It is also the basis sustainable development strategy federal government. The aim of the program is to enable people to live in dignity all over the world while preserving the natural foundations of life. 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they are aimed at everyone: governments around the world, but also civil society, the private sector and academia. The goals include, for example, global food security, the provision of clean and affordable energy and the elimination of inequalities (for an overview of all 17 goals and their importance, see the United Nations website:

The UC SDG Transatlantic Leaders (Performance) index by UniCredit covers European and US stocks from a total of eleven sectors, with five stocks from each sector having the highest SDG score selected. This is a total of 55 companies. The SDG score is determined by the ISS ESG on the basis of a high-quality assessment. ISS ESG is one of the world’s leading providers of sustainability assessments. Reviews are held quarterly. Weighing is based on the market cap multiplied by the SDG score. A high degree of durability is therefore rewarded with a higher weight in the index.

In the last few weeks, actions such as AstraZeneca, Essity and Orkli managed to break the downward trend of the entire market. Orkla is a Swedish conglomerate that it produces consumer goods, develops heat exchangers and produces electricity. In the first quarter, the Swedes were able to significantly exceed the expectations of market participants. This also applies to the Swedish hygiene manufacturer Essity. Above all, high double-digit price losses from commodity companies such as Aurubis, chemical concerns such as AkzoNobel and Arkema, and manufacturers of electrical appliances such as Husqvarna, and real estate groups such as Covivio in Italy, weighed on UC SDG Transatlantic Leadership Index Actually. Most companies will reopen their ledgers in the next few weeks and submit business data. Maybe they can give you positive impulses. Concerns about recession and interest rates are likely to continue to weigh on stock prices in the coming weeks. Investors must therefore continue to expect fluctuations, some of which are significant.

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Author: Richard Pathenhauer

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