Skilled craftsmen in Germany rely more on digitization | Free press

Cloud computing and tracking systems – these are no longer foreign words in craftsmanship. The coronation pandemic further accelerated the trend towards digitization.


Craftsmen in Germany are making increasing use of digital tools and working methods.

Two-thirds (68%) of all craft enterprises in Germany use digital technology and applications. This is the result of a recent representative survey of 503 craft enterprises in Germany, commissioned by the digital association Bitkom and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) and published on Friday in Berlin. Two years ago, the figure was 15 percentage points lower (53 percent).

Companies most often focus on cloud computing, i.e. the use of disk space and computing power via the Internet. The cloud is already used by 45 percent, and another 26 percent. plans to use it. In second place are tracking systems with which machines and devices can be tracked. Every seventh company (15%) uses such tracking systems, and 20% plans to use them.

The study also showed greater potential on the topic of “predictive maintenance”. So far, only 14% use such systems in which impending failures are detected early using sensors and data analysis. However, 23 percent plan to use systems that recognize the need for maintenance independently. On the other hand, there are practically no topics related to artificial intelligence and virtual or augmented reality (VR / AR) in trading. Only one percent of companies already use AI, compared to three percent in the case of AR / VR.

For more than half of the craft enterprises (56%), digitization has grown in importance, especially in the wake of the crown pandemic. 20 percent claims digitization has been significantly accelerated by the pandemic, 36 percent believes the topic has “rather gained in importance”.

Despite the progressive digitization of communication, the fax is not disappearing from the craft plants. Although 99 percent of all companies surveyed use email for external communication, 77 percent still send faxes to customers and vendors. (dpa)

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