“The design works so far”

A good year and a half ago, the people of Alpenruhe moved into a new building. You are well at home. But it was also a challenge.

Moving from the old building to the new one was not easy – emphasizes Markus Kindler, head of the facility. “The structures in the home have also changed.” She explains: “The old building was built as a golf hotel. This means that the rooms were located on the left and right sides of the corridor. In the new building, however, the residents live in groups of different sizes. ” In addition, it has more seats, which also means new customers. The demand was huge. “Fifteen additional seats were filled quickly,” says Kindler.

Longer than expected
It took longer to settle than initially thought, says the head of the institution. “It took me a year for the processes to become known and normality to come in.” The challenges were multiple. “First, we had to meet new customers and meet their needs.” And the previous ones had to get used to the new processes. For example, eating now always takes place in groups and on the appropriate floor. If you wish, you can also have lunch with external customers in the dining room.

But the new concept also has many advantages. “Living in a group is comparable to living in a large family.”

Some colors are still missing
While the rooms are individually furnished, color is still lacking in the floors, corridors and stairwells, and in some cases furniture and paintings are also missing. Deliberately. “It has to keep growing,” explains Markus Kindler. The design of group rooms is arranged in groups. It is quite possible that two staircases will be painted in two different colors for better orientation.

A playground opening date has been set
“The design works so far and the costs have been kept,” emphasizes Kindler. Only the little things are missing. For example, two doors still need to be replaced with an automatic one. A few weeks ago, the new workshop may also have been busy. We worked in the barracks for a year, even during the crown pandemic – a challenge for everyone. Only two cases of coronation were registered in the first year and a half. It was only shortly before all measures were abolished that the first floor had to be insulated. “But virtually all of the clients had no or only mild symptoms.” But it’s old news, the focus is on the future, there’s still a lot of work to do before the new construction project is completed.

“One hut still has to go,” replies Markus Kindler when asked about the next steps. And the last big piece is a garden, renovation of a small zoo, parking lot and of course a playground – Alpenruhe Adventure World, as the project is called. “We’re talking about 24 million projects here – but the only thing that seems to be interesting is when the playground will finally open up,” smiles Markus Kindler. He understands it and is a father himself. And he reveals: “On Saturday, September 17, the world of impressions will be inaugurated by a great inaugural event – by then it must end”.

Alpenruhe’s world of adventure
The Alpenruhe adventure world aims to become a meeting place for residents and visitors, adults and children. Attractions include a large playground with a pirate ship, a jumping pillow, water games, a spacious sandy area and of course the popular children’s train and petting zoo. There is also a public cafeteria that invites you to linger and “villages”. The playground is financed by sponsors and donations. The Alpenruhe Foundation has already raised almost half a million francs through a fundraiser.


At Alpenruhe, she looks after and supports people with physical, mental and mental disabilities. “We provide people with disabilities, regardless of their deficits, with an appropriate day and housing structure in the region,” says the portal. The offer is addressed to people who receive benefits most often. IV. It includes care, work, employment and accommodation options. Alpenruhe also offers training courses on work integration and transition solutions.

Alpenruhe offers space for 42 internal clients. Another 20 to 30 people – the number varies from case to case – find jobs and daily structures.

Altogether, Alpenruhe employs approximately 50 qualified employees (38 jobs).


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