Fewer attacks on Bavarian police – more potential for violence – news from Bavaria

Police officers often live unsafe lives in their work. You always have to reckon with attacks. For attempted murder.

Beatings, insults, attacks, attempted murder: in everyday work Bavaria According to Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, “the worrying potential of violence” still exists among police officers. It does not change the fact that on Wednesday in Munich The presented statistics for 2021 show, for the first time in years, a decrease in violent crimes against police officers, emphasized the CSU politician. The situation report even includes five attacks that have been classified as attempted homicide (2020: 6).

In 2021, there were 7,826 cases of violence against police officers in Bavaria

As statistics also show, in 2021, 7,826 cases of verbal and physical violence against police officers were registered in Bavaria (-8.9% compared to 2020). More than half of the cases involved physical attacks (4,379). The activities therefore focus on the weekends. The highest incidence occurs on Fridays with 1,191 cases, on Saturdays with 1,571 cases and on Sundays with 1,278 cases.

The offenses concerned insults (3,080 cases), physical attacks (2,169 cases) and resistance to police officers (1,498 cases). In twelve cases, the attacker had a living weapon with him (2020: 9).

In addition, 19,069 Bavarian policemen (-7.7%) were victims of physical and mental violence in 2021. The number of injured people fell by 180 to 2,629, but among them there were still 19 seriously injured who had to be treated in hospital.

Interior Minister Herrmann: “The protection of our policemen has a special priority”

“Protecting our policemen has a special priority,” emphasized Herrmann. “Over the past few years, we have invested more than EUR 120 million in equipping the Bavarian police and thus also in protecting them.”

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The German police union also sees no change in trend: “This is a ray of hope, unfortunately not anymore,” said Jürgen Köhnlein, Bavarian chairman of the union police union. Despite the overall decline, the number of heavy attacks has not decreased significantly. “The number of gun attacks in particular has remained the same or even increased. Unfortunately, there is no change in intensity. ” Moreover, those attacks where it is only a matter of chance whether or not the most serious injuries will occur is cause for concern.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in addition to new uniforms, new truncheons and new SFP9 service pistols were purchased for all emergency services. There are also Bavarians Police more than 1,700 body cams and remote impulse devices used in all closed operational units of the state police and all special forces in Bavaria. From March 2020, particularly serious or high-profile crimes against police officers and other emergency services are identified and processed more quickly thanks to dedicated contacts in the police and prosecution offices.

Schulze (Greens) calls for more attention to be given to research into the causes and more investment in preventing violence

Green Party leader Katharina Schulze also called for more attention to be given to research into the causes and to invest more in preventing violence. Statistics also show that alcohol abuse is always a trigger of aggression and violence. “So, we need good, nationwide educational campaigns, aimed very specifically at the appropriate target groups,” she said.

According to Herrmann, the re-improvement of the security situation in Bavaria shows how important and effective the work of the police is: “We have the lowest crime rate in 44 years and the highest case handling rate in 27 years. Munich is again the safest city with over 200,000 inhabitants, Augsburg is second and Nuremberg fourth.

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