Three anniversaries at the traditional Iggelbach fire festival

The Iggelbach fire department celebrates its 135th anniversary, the 25th anniversary of the development association and the 20th anniversary of the youth fire department with a firefighting festival on 2 and 3 July. On Friday evening at the Kerweplatz in Iggelbach, the inauguration ceremony of the festival took place with the invited guests.


district councilor Sven Hoffman brought congratulations to the Bad Dürkheim district. He stressed the enormous commitment of the fire brigade in Iggelbach and its inhabitants. For 135 years, volunteers have shown not only selective commitment, but also continuous work for the community. People have been involved in the fire department for many generations. They are people who want to give something back to their rural community, who want to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens. For Sven Hoffmann, the fire department is therefore also important for the cohesion of the rural community.

For mayors René Verdaasdonk the fire brigade is not only entertainment for men and women who use their health for others in an emergency. The fire department also holds a central position in the community, cohesion, an association that ensures that the rural community is alive. As a gift, Rene Verdaasdonk brought a cake from the fire department.

Friedrich Saib, commander of the Iggelbach unit, briefly described what has happened at the Iggelbach fire department since the last anniversary 10 years ago.

Marvin Moser read the greeting from Marcel Brink, chairman of the Tauperlitz fire department.

Erich Pojtinger gave his greetings from the Iggelbach clubs, combined with a gift to the association.

The head of the forestry office, Burkhard Steckel, paid tribute to the concept of forest fire

Nominations, promotions and awards

The previous fire chief, with Commandant Frank Flockerzi (Fire Chief), Fire Chief Jochen Hummel (Deputy Fire Chief) and Fire Chief Markus Müller (Deputy Fire Chief) did a great job and got along very well with each other. According to the mayor of the association, Gernot Kuhn, they were unanimously elected for another term. They have already achieved a lot in their first term. Kuhn recalled the preparation and implementation of the fire requirements plan and the regular update, preparation and implementation of the concept of protective clothing, implementation of digital alarms, development, implementation and updating of alarm and implementation regulations, conversion to digital radio, creation and implementation of the forest fire concept, combined with the first real training in a forest in Rhineland-Palatinate, setting up a press team, setting up a fall protection unit and setting up an emergency-trained respiratory protection squadron. Over the last 10 years, 10 rescue vehicles and various equipment have been purchased.

Gernot Kuhn appointed Fire Chief Daniel Müller as Deputy Commander of the Frankeneck Fire Department.

Dominik Riedel was promoted to the position of the chief of the fire brigade and at the same time appointed deputy commander of the fire brigade of Elmstein.

For 35 years of active and conscientious work in the fire brigade, the Elmstein fire brigade commander, fire commander Jörg Cronauer, was awarded the Gold Rhineland-Palatinate fire brigade badge.

1 3 5 years of the fire brigade I ggelbach

In 1887, 135 years ago, the Iggelbach Volunteer Fire Department was established. Since then, people have been selflessly committed to community. The fire department is not only an important cornerstone for public safety, but has always looked after a vibrant rural community. The fire department in Iggelbach currently has 18 active members.

2 5 years of support association

The Association of Friends of the Volunteer Fire Department Iggelbach was established in 1997. Theo Moistur has been CEO since 2013. In the jubilee year, the association has 130 supporting members. Over 25 years, around € 60,000 has been raised through membership fees, donations and festivals to support an active fire and youth fire department. At that time, among others, three transport vehicles. The last vehicle, a Ford Transit, cost 25,000 euros. A 1,000-liter water trailer was also purchased at one time, which is no longer needed today thanks to the new portable water pump vehicle. Through the association, it was also possible to purchase two transport trailers worth 6,000 euros, as well as an emergency first rescuer vehicle. Money and efficiency also affected the renovation of the tool shed.

2 0 years youth fire brigade I ggelbach
The mayor of the association, Gernot Kuhn, mentions with great pride a total of three youth firefighters who make a decisive contribution to the preservation and good development of the fire service. Martin Moser is at the head of the Iggelbach youth fire brigade. Another positive innovation at Iggelbach is the commissioning of the Bambini fire department for children from the age of 6, the first in the municipality of Lambrecht, to inspire young people to work in the fire department at an early age. Of the 18 active members of the Iggelbach fire department, 10 are from the youth fire department.

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